Republican State Convention: Tea Party and true conservatism there in abundance!

2012 Texas GOP ConventionHere are a few highlights, but there were many more. Please come to our meeting Thu. June 14 or contact us for more details, and/or add your thoughts and question in the comments below:

Ted Cruz supporters outnumbered Lt. Governor Dewhurst’s. Seriously.

If you read some of the reports in traditional media you won’t get the overwhelming truth of this. The contrast between the response to U.S. Senate race Tea Party candidate Ted Cruz’s speech and David Dewhurst’s was as striking as could be imagined. As Lt. Governor, David Dewhurst is the most powerful politician in Texas. But even he was visibly overwhelmed by the tidal wave of Cruz enthusiasm.

I estimate the crowd was 85% Cruz. 85% fervently Cruz. And that’s not just Tea Party conservatives. It’s every Republican—establishment, casual, or otherwise—who’s looked beyond the commercials and traditional media reports.

But this is just at the convention. Many voters will base their vote on commercials and news reports. So be sure to vote for Ted Cruz in the runoff on July 31st!

A strong conservative platform was passed.

See the 2012 2012 Texas Republican Party Platform here (PDF). For those wanting to contribute to/influence these in the future, two recommendations:

  1. Be ready to submit your recommendations at the 2014 Brazos County Convention.
  2. Learn and be ready to put in practice Robert’s Rules of Order.

Local conservatives to the National Convention and Electoral College

Starting with College Station’s own Jess Fields, each of the three delegates and alternates chosen to represent CD17 in the Republican National Convention are committed conservatives.

Matthew Johnson and Ryan Davenport were also voted to represent us at the National Electoral College and the Republican National Convention respectively.

But we needed more delegates from Brazos County!

Out of 151 delegates and alternates chosen at the County Convention, the last I heard around 65 total were actually able to attend the State Convention. 79 could have participated, so if you weren’t there we needed you!

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