Let’s Support Nathan for Patriot Academy

Portrait of young man with long star boloCollege student Nathan Exley (his website) gave us a great presentation at our monthly meeting last week. He is currently raising funds to attend Patriot Academy, a five-day political training program where students learn about America’s system of government.

You may download his flyer, or view its main contents below:

Nathan Exley is currently a student at Blinn College in Bryan and was recently accepted to Texas A&M University. As the previous president of the Austin Rhetoric Club, an Eagle Scout and small business owner, the torch of freedom has always been of special significance to him. Nathan attended Patriot Academy in July 2011, with the gracious donations of friends and family, to become equipped to protect the freedoms and principles set up by the founding fathers. He came out with much more than expected and plans to attend Patriot Academy again this year. Support Nathan Exley in this campaign for Patriot Academy 2012!

Patriot Academy is a five-day political training program where students learn about America’s system of government. Each summer, young people from around the nation come to the Texas State Capitol to form a fully functioning mock legislative body. Students draft legislation, debate bills and pass laws on the House Floor under the tutelage of current and former elected officials.

Students are strongly encouraged by Patriot Academy to raise all $950 of their tuition fees by campaigning for it. Donations are tax deductible.

To Donate:

–       Write a Check. Make it out to Patriot Academy. Send it to:

Nathan Exley
11866 Great Oaks Drive
College Station, Tx 77845

–       Donate Online: Go to www.patriotacademy.com and click the ‘Donate’ Tab. Put “For Nathan Exley” in the shipper box or comment section. Then let me know that you donated so that I can record campaign contributions.

–       You can reach me at: nathanexley@msn.com or by phone at (512) 508-8051.

To make the political fundraising experience as realistic as possible, we require a completed fundraising report similar to the Texas Ethics Commission report candidates and officeholders must file. It is crucial that I know about your donation.

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