Get Ready for Primary Voting

 May 29th is Primary Voting Day. 

 That means each of us must not only select our slate of constitutionally minded conservative candidates for the November election, we must duplicate that slate by getting more constitutionally minded conservatives to participate in Primary Voting.

 Your participation in Primary Voting is vital. 

Duplication of your own slate of candidates you have determined to be the superior choice of constitutionally minded conservative candidates means each of us must share that study with friends, neighbors, family and co-workers.

 Practice the republican value of Civic Virtue

This activity of civic virtue is the essence of republicanism that allows the equality of all men to participate in the affairs of community government. This republican equality is founded upon our personal character, integrity, and efficiency rather than our associations, our family status, or financial standing.

 Because we are constitutionally minded conservatives, we recognize the principles of republican civic virtue are in direct opposition to the methods employed by unconstitutionally minded candidates.

Primary Voting  IS Vital

Participation in Primary Voting is the key for constitutional minded conservatives to select the final slate of candidates. Which is why it is paramount that WE seek to duplicate our slate of primary candidates by talking to our friends, family, and neighbors and encouraging them to vote on May 29th.

Other Thoughts:

Again, we urge you to consider volunteering in some capacity so that the Bryan/College Station Tea Party can better serve the community. Please click on our volunteer icon at to see how you can help increase tea party values throughout our community.

 Also, our Constitution in 10 Lessons class has reached the halfway point and we cannot recommend this class enough. We’ve all experienced the situation where our preconceived idea of a task’s difficulty or confusion was completely unfounded leaving us wondering why we didn’t complete the task sooner. Do not talk yourself out of this study of our Constitution!


In conclusion, be sure to read the latest posts at which continue our application of principles learned from the Federalist Paper articles Vetting Candidates According To the Constitution: Criterion 3 – Constitutional Ambition vs. Personal Ambition and Precedent Is Not Necessarily Principle.


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