A Quick Reminder About the Joe Straus Issue

And Why It Matters In This Election Cycle

Previous History

A virtual coup that subverted the will of the people occurred when Joe Straus in the 2009 81st Legislature made his move to become Speaker of the House. Straus began his “conservative” campaign for Speaker by first engaging the 65 Democratic Party House members to pledge their vote.

Straus then enticed 11 Republican House members to pledge their support enabling Straus to win a majority vote that ousted former Speaker Tom Craddick.

Empower Texans Top 12 Reasons to Oust Straus

Joe Straus

2010 – The 82st Legislature – The Tea Party is still in rally formation.

Straus still rewarded Democratic Party House members with chairmanship of certain committees.

  • No doubt the opposition he received from the Texas Tea Parties and the “Texas 15” had some effect on committee assignments and legislation passed during the 82nd sessions.  The average conservative ranking of the committee chairs improved a little from 43 in the 81st to 57 in the 82nd, still a long distance from a respectable conservative ranking of between 70 and 100.  Also a third of the committees were chaired by Democrats down from half in the previous session.  However, many of the remaining assignments went to his closest allies. [Above Link – Teaparty911.com]

Each of the above actions ignored the will of the people by:

  • subverting the will of the people who voted for the Republican Party candidates.
  • Subverting the will of the people who voted for Republican Party ideas.
  • Subverting the will of the people who voted for Republican Party control of the House.
  • Subverting the will of the people by empowering the losing party with chairmanships.

Joe Straus continued in this “bi-partisan coup” of radical equality by giving the losing party more power than the voters determined. The Tea Party was rebuked  as “threats, harassment and attempts at intimidation because of the fair and respectful way in which you want this House to operate” because they dared to speak out against the undemocratic  methods employed by Straus in his quest for power.

Although many good conservative bills were debated and voted upon, many others were locked in committee, never allowed for floor debate or vote.

Joe Straus, as well as David Dewhurst, are two reasons your Granny gets groped by the TSA in Texas.

For an overview of just who Joe Straus is please check Ramparts360.com: search Joe Straus.

A vote against Joe Straus is a vote for the will of the people.


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