The country needs your help, and now’s the time!

Uncle Sam: I want YOU for B/CS Tea Party. B/CS conservatives, it is time.

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The founding fathers pledged their


What will you pledge to the fight to preserve YOUR liberty and that of your family? This is a time for action not just words. You may feel you can’t make a difference but YOU CAN!

We need your help!!

The past few months have been spent getting organized into two arms—educational and political.

The TEACH part of Teach, Empower, Act

Our education will continue to focus on several monthly meetings for

  • discussion of local state and national issues
  • Constitutional study
  • teaching first principles, and
  • renewing our knowledge of our founding as a nation, our liberties, and responsibilities for keeping them.


Now, be empowered to ACT

The political side will focus on working directly with our legislators from the local to the national level to insure Constitutional representation. When our representatives promote legislation or vote for issues not supported by our Constitution, we will work to find, vet, and support new candidates who will work to preserve our liberties and our Constitution. We will organize rallies to support or protest issues from the local to the national. We will work with the precinct committees to insure fair, open, well-run polling places. When we can, we will actively work to stop legislation that is against our liberties.

All these actions need your help in one way or another. Every action, large or small, adds to our strength.

Please fill out our questionnaire to let us know what you’re interested in volunteering in!

Thank you for all you are willing to do to preserve our liberty.


Nancy Coppock, educational initiatives (the Teach part of our slogan)

Bill Bingham, political initiatives (now that you’re empowered, Act)


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