Councilman Jess Fields and ICLEI

young man speaking at outdoor event

Jess Fields speaking at the April 2009 B/CS Tea Party event in Tanglewood Park. Photo by Derek Warneke.

ICLEI — “an insidious, extreme institution that does not represent our citizens”

College Station Councilman Jess Fields gave a great talk covering several issues and concerns at our monthly meeting this past Thursday. During that talk he shared about College Station’s several-year participation in ICLEI. 

Check out the the B/CS Tea Party articles on ICLEI for some background on this organization. Short explanation:

ICLEI is an international environmental organization formed to control what you can do with your property. Local governments use your money to pay them.

See also the very active Stop Agenda 21 Texas for more specifics on ICLEI and Agenda 21, a United Nations plan intertwined with ICLEI.

College Station successfully scraping ICLEI off?

First, from his website

I am truly excited to announce that the proposed 2013 College Station budget will not include funding for this organization. It is an insidious, extreme institution that does not represent our citizens, and for our taxpayers to continue to fund it would be ridiculous.
(emphasis added)

Jess’ article from which the quote above is taken is long and thorough. We recommend strongly that you read it, follow the links, and join us in thanking Councilman Fields!

According to ICLEI, College Station off the membership rolls?

Now, trust but verify

Note the question marks after the previous two headings. “The proposed 2013 College Station budget will not include funding for this organization” suggests it may not be a done deal. Stop Agenda 21 Texas has more, including a statement by Jason Stuebe, College Station’s Assistant to the City Manager:

As of today, I have sent a letter notifying ICLEI that the City of College Station will not be renewing its membership nor taking part in its programs in 2012 and beyond. Furthermore, I asked that ICLEI immediately cancel our membership (if it is even still active), and remove the City of College Station and its officers from any and all ICLEI rosters, publications, and websites.

Jess needs citizens’ help and support making sure this goes through as planned. If you’re a College Station resident, stay on the rest of the Council. If you’re not a resident, you can still encourage and support Jess’ work!


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