Voter’s Guide to Republicans (as understood by the Democratic Party)

Republicans say keep your own money: greedy! Democrats take all your money: generous!

Summary of point one. Now watch the video!

My friend at Ramparts360—a top Texas political/cultural blog—posted this video first.

EVERYBODY knows that Republicans are EVIL!

What kind of Evil?

  • Greedy 
  • Fascist
  • Racist

The worst kind!

Bill Whittle of Declaration Entertainment unravels the facts behind this perfect storm of evil in a breezy fashion that provides a hurricane of historical data to lift the white robes of even the most stalwart Democrats.

The Democratic Party has knowingly rewritten history in order to project their own sins against the liberty of all men upon their political opponents. In doing so, they prove that their own members are ignorant boobs whose minds can be molded at will…and then bribed with government subsidy checks for a vote.


  1. Ervin L. Cain says:

    Where can I get a list of Candidates for the coming election, Federal, State and local that the tea party thinks are worth voting for?

    I would appreciate an answer and list of Candidates if that is possible.
    Ervin L. Cain

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