ObamaCare® Promotes Death

We lose.

Those at peace with the concept of government-required health care would do themselves—as well as others—a great service by considering President Obama’s plan to force all insurance plans to cover, at no charge, contraceptives, abortion-inducing drugs, and sterilization as part of Obamacare®.

By design, none of these provisions lead to life or even the theoretical static vision of life where each death is replaced with a new life.

Their plan promotes death. Life, not so much.

Note that there is no such effort in ObamaCare to force all insurance plans to cover, at no charge, cancer treatment medications, pace-makers for heart patients, organ transplants, or other life extending marvels of modern medicine.

Of course, that would make no sense from a free-market standpoint either. But it’s sad that when going directly against the capitalist system that has served this country so well, ObamaCare® blasts past the opportunity to make life free and more abundant.

The foundational focus of government-required health care is to make sure death is common and free. Why?

Could it be that just as those that believe in a static economy also believe in keeping life static?

In the theoretical static world, every life comes at the expense of another life. Inevitably, money spent to improve your health will be viewed as money that could be better spent to improve someone else’s life.

The con man always baits the trap with the victim’s desire to get something for nothing.

Adding to this nightmare is the authority given to the Secretary of Health and Human Services in dispensing government supplied health care—because human nature feeds upon the ability to punish one’s opponents and reward one’s friends and your opinions have been noticed…

Note to those at peace with the concept of government required health care:

Your need for health care only calls into question your own expense to others.

The determination of whether others will pay the expense needed to preserve your life will be made by the authority you have given to the Secretary of Health and  Human Services. Any attempt to declare your own right of self-interest would be not only futile, but could be considered as this formerly free dystopia devolves – a threat to the State.

Throughout history, the end result of tyranny, oppression, and dictatorship has always been a focus on death. Those at peace with the concept of government-required health care must  remain at peace with this focus on death. To wake up and desire life after having committed yourself to government required death will most certainly be too late because armed revolution will then be required.

Liberty once obtained, must forever be defended.


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