FreedomWorks. Lower taxes, less government, more freedomThe B/CS Tea Party has been saying for years that there are two ways to elect politicians and hold them accountable while in office:

  1. Raise and spend millions of dollars.
  2. Become a unified group of organized voters.

Scratch number one. We need to learn how to become, and grow as, a unified group of organized voters. Enter FreedomWorks..

The visit Thursday Feb. 23 by two representatives from FreedomWorks laid out how far we are behind big-government proponents in this regard.

What follows are raw notes from the meeting :


  • since 1984
  • formerly Citizens for a Sound Economy
  • consider FreedomWorks a service center, a distribution center

Grassroots 101

David Spielman, Campaigns Coordinator
Amanda Shell, Campaigns Assistant

David Spielman’s presentation

Dick Armey, FreedomWorks Chairman and Former U.S. House Majority Leader:

  • Hard works beats daddy’s money any day
  • progressives have known that for years
    • they’re the most well organized grassroots organization there is
    • been going for 120 years

build to win, win to build

  • it’s a battle
  • focus has to be local
    • succeeded by knocking on doors, getting people to agree to something (want that pothole fixed? sign here)
  • book: a force more powerful
  • works with a lot of groups who’d never work with the Tea Party
    • find what unites you

circle of power: people, dollars, policy, elected officials, grassroots pressure to lawmakers

  • a constant movement
  • goes both directions

politicians don’t care about policy. they care about their own rational self-interest, survival

  • when in power, people become infected by it

Saul Alinsky

  • greatest organizer since Samuel Adams
  • delivered small victories at a time
  • never made himself the leader
    • he knew if a leader was identified, the movement could be stopped by cutting off the leader’s head
  • never use the same tactic twice

We need to be like the Dems (as far as tactics): snakelike

Find what unites you

Work outside your comfort zone

99% of campaigns don’t know what they’re doing

  • we have to be the army

30% of people at the time were against the American Revolution; 30% for; THE REST DIDN’T CARE

  • like today

It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.
Samuel Adams


Amanda Shell: Grassroots Campaigning and GOTV

Download the presentation (PDF) added 3-7-12

  • the Right has to be better at marketing
  • we have to make our army larger

FW uses a 4 step process to see what candidate they support

  1. ask membership–in Texas, 70% said Ted Cruz
  2. FW exec. interviews the candidates–Ted Cruz passed with flying colors
  3. ask: can they fund raise? do they have name ID, and will it grow? Ted Cruz has won 60+ straw polls in TX out of 70
  4. FW then asks, how much difference can we make in this race?

always been in favor of a hostile takeover of the Republican Party by true candidates

you have to get behind the candidate that’s the best to take the seat from a RINO even if you don’t agree with the candidate on every issue

why grassroots

  • campaigns spend on standard media
  • grassroots do the most effective work, if they do the work

Yard signs very important

  • not just in your yard!! All over the community
  • in a primary people vote for the name they’ve heard the most
  • put everywhere public
  • creates [best bang for the buck] name recognition
    • a part of the process of building excitement about a candidate.
      • People want to be part of something exciting; to be associated with a winner
  • life span of a yard sign: 36 hours
    • so take more than you need

door to door meetings are the most important

  • studies show this is the best way to get someone to vote for your candidate
  • Saturdays are the best day
  • FW will supply you with materials for candidates they endorse Political Gravity
– to make a door-to-door map of the best potential voters

phone banking

  • they offer the technology to make it fast and easy
  • their system: Volunteer Connect
  • we can call voters in swing states like Florida

Phone banking examples

  1. Dave’s mission: Kosher Tea
    • getting the 750 Jewish Tea Party members in Israel to call swing states in the U.S.
    • “You cannot vote for Barack Obama. We live in Israel and are put in direct danger because of his policies.”
  2. Scott Brown victory in Mass.–from out-of-state phone banking

swing states matter SO MUCH

GOTV (get out the vote)

  • contact FreedomWorks 90 days out and get to work (Aug 2)
  • become a precinct chairman
  • become a voter registrar

No. 1 goal for the FW superpac: take back the Senate

  • replace Orin Hatch (36 year RINO)
  • replace Dick Lugar (36 year RINO)

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