Health Care Spending Under 3 Governors Now Presidential Candidates

Christopher J. Conover  at the Enterprise Blog offers a good comparison of Health Care spending trends under Romney, Perry, and Huntsman.  The article focuses on ambulatory health care spending and shows the leadership of Governors Perry and Huntsman far superior to that of Governor Romney.


Likewise the rate of expenditures by health care facilities in the three represented states reveals the same differences between Governor Romney’s Massachusetts and the steady lines of Governors Perry’s Texas and Huntsman’s Utah.

State-by-State comparisons are difficult because each state has different regulations affecting health care spending and costs.

The point of Conover’s article is that two Presidential Candidates have a far better record in keeping health care spending and costs low and steady than the candidate campaigning on the success of his own Romney Care Heath Care Program.



  1. Of course Texas also has the highest percentage of uninsured in the country, while Massachusetts is among the lowest. These charts would be even more in context if it included the percentage of uninsured, as well as the average per capita health care premiums.

  2. Zinn,

    Perhaps you should appreciate that being uninsured should remain a choice rather than a crime.

    It is the totalitarian regime that views citizens as not-yet convicted criminals. See previous article.

    As John Jay taught in Federalist 3, having a wrong opinion of your self-interest will affect your ability to survive.

    Therefore, the zeal to make everyone responsible for everyone else’s health care would have you support a plan that, according to the above charts, costs more for service and raises costs on health care facilities. These artificially inflated costs are then passed on to the dwindling class known as the taxpayer. The taxpayer is then expected to continue working, even as his discretionary after tax money grows ever smaller due to the continually growing inflationary tax burden. The endowed right of pursuit of happiness reason that drives any individual to work hard in order to better enjoy life ceases to burn inside the working taxpayer. That working taxpayer is now a slave to the state, working out of fear, and politically silent because a word of criticism is a crime against the state with penalties both stated and unstated.

    It is critical for the survival of our individual liberty that each of us appreciates that having good opinion of your self-interest acknowledges the folly of allowing anyone other yourself to provide for your physical and psychological well-being.

    Liberty is maintained only by citizens thinking rightly about our own self-interest. Such correct thinking works by inversely affecting the greed, selfishness, and lust for power present in our human nature. As Alexander Hamilton noted in Federalist 1 and John Jay in Federalist 2 – where/when human nature is allowed to thrive, the public good suffers.

  3. I didn’t choose to be unemployed.

    • Zinn,

      I am terribly grieved to learn you are unemployed. I too have experienced that loss as well as the accompanying loss of property and sense of security.

      Being a mulling type personality, in pondering through the complete denial of my civil liberties that accompanied my loss of employment, I came to appreciate all the more my own self-interest and the folly of trusting others with my own well-being.

      Since that event (over 20 years ago), I have become a student of Human Nature. So, imagine my surprise when I begin to study the Federalist Papers and find the 83 short essays filled with a clear and concise appreciation of Human Nature as well as the clarity of a Constitution that recognizes our Human Nature and then provides the authority to govern so that the prime purpose is to ensure and defend individual liberty and the private property of everyone.

      So, to apply this to your own grim situation, I would caution you from considering that the solution to your own seemingly lack of control of your own well-being could ever be to put authority over it in hands of some so-called benign and benevolent political party or government program. To believe that any group is filled with people of the character of a Mother Theresa is to not appreciate the reality of Human Nature.

      The true solution to your problem is founded in a right opinion of your own self-interest. For instance, I have come to appreciate that I am best served by creating my own job and working for myself – and am even now going through the necessity of creating a new job for myself.

      This liberty is the principle upon which our nation was founded. But, after generations of miseducation about the founding of our nation, we currently live in a nation bent upon outlawing that very liberty. Rugged Individualism is being regulated and legislated into a criminal activity so that everyone will be the same….except that Human Nature dictates that there will always be a superior class filled with the survival of the fittest human/animals and their friends.

      We ignore Human Nature to our own peril and destruction.

      I encourage you to think about these principles and hope you come to appreciate that the only way to have some modicum of control over your own well-being – is the path of individual liberty.

      I will pray for God’s transcendent wisdom for you as you assess your situation and make decisions in searching for future employment. In my own life journey I have come to know without a doubt that God our Creator knows exactly where you are and of your every need and is willing and waiting for each of us to call upon Him for our every requirement.

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