Federalist Paper – 3

In our continuing study of the Federalist Papers, we are pleased to announce that our notes for Federalist 3 – by John Jay have been posted to our First Principles pages.

The topics discussed in this essay about Federalist 3 are:

  • National Interest – Just as with an individual having wrong opinion of your self interest will affect your Security and Safety, the survival of a nation depends upon exhibiting its interest toward other nations.
  • Human Nature – Jay makes the case that all nations operate just like individuals according to the dictates of human nature.
  • Ruling Class Mentality – While not intending to, Jay, in making a false argument for a strong, unified Federal Government filled with the nation’s best, brightest, and most able men, Jay forgets that all men are driven by the same lust for power, wealth, and status…. even the nation’s most able of men.

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