Conservative Leaders Project

Empower Texans: Texans For Fiscal Responsibility is drawing the line between Leaders and Lackeys in the Texas Legislature.

The Texas Tea Party movement was sorely disappointed in the results of 2011 Texas Legislature.

Republican legislators were divided between Party Lackeys* and Conservative Leaders with the liberty and private property rights of all Texans losing ground.

For too long special interests have used legislative lackeys to protect their interests,
grow government, and further burden the taxpayer.
In both the Texas House and Senate, special interest lackeys pretending to be
conservatives have skillfully stonewalled needed conservative reforms.
Texas needs leaders who will champion the principles of limited government and
conservative values, not lackeys who serve the establishment.

  • *Lackey –  toady, flunky, sycophant, flatterer, minion, hanger-on, lickspittle, brown-noser, spaniel, pawn, underling, stooge; informal yes-man, trained seal, bootlicker, doormat, drudge, peon.  [note: to refer to Party Lackeys as a spaniel is to do a disservice to the entire spaniel breed]

Texans for Fiscal Responsibility is identifying our Texan Conservative Leaders as well as who’s a Lackey.

Visit their website,  sign the petition as well as donate to this worthy project.

The Conservative Leaders Project will be coming the Bryan/College Station in February.

We’ve got a terrific new year planned for the Bryan/College Station Tea Party for this important 2012 election year.


  1. Though my district does not include Brazos County, it does surround you. I am hoping and asking you to help my campaign against a 16 year DC House incumbent who sits on the committe that raises taxes for more spending, a big government, and big spending member. Please let any of your friends by email or Facebook in Madison, Grimes, Leon, Walker , Houston, San Jacinto, Montgomery know there is a candidate backed by the Tea Parties running in district 8.

    In the Tea Party sponsored Saddle Up Cell phone text poll, I defeated the incumbent 73% to 27%…but we have a long way to go. He has a lot of DC and VA area PAC money. HE no longer represents our district. Will you support me in helping me address name ID need and if you live in the above counties, please volunteer to put a yard sign in your yard and ask friends to do the same.

    I have signs, cards and flyers stashed in my home at Hilltop Lakes and will have the same at the Navasota Republican HQ…this coming week (Huntsville RHQ, Conroe RHQ, Coldspring RHQ and the Moosehead Restaurant in Crockett, Texas Tea Party PAC office on Sawdust road in the Woodlands. I drive HWY 6 to Hwy 21 to North Zulch to 39 Normangee very often and can meet you along the way. Thank you so much for your help and consideration. Lets prepare to get this country back on the right path. We must Pray for our nation, but we must also get everyone out to votes. God Bless you all.

  2. Larry,

    Many incumbent politicians have forgotten that their power is derived from We The People in their district, not from political cronyism. Upon the point where an elected official become ambitious for power via any means other than from We the People in their district, they cease being a representative of the people and morph into a political hack willing to sell his vote to the highest bidder or to the one whispering in his ear, hinting of possible advancement.

    Unless courageous men like yourself step in to challenge those incumbents morphing into political hacks, our Creator endowed rights such as Life, Liberty, and pursuit of happiness will continue to erode.

    I encourage you to attend Empower Texans’- The Leadership Project as well as the upcoming FreedomWorks event.

    Courage according to John Wayne was being scared to death, but saddling up anyway. So, we salute you for saddlin’ up to defend Liberty.

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