A Funeral For Two Leaders

While the media focused on the death of North Korean despot Kim Jong Il, the coincident death of former Czech Republic President, Vaclav Havel went by largely unmentioned.

This Election Year is Important Because There is Something Fundamental To Decide

A comparison of the two leaders graphically explains this fundamental choice.

The Fomer Supreme Leader of North Korea: Kim Jong Il

Former President of The Czech Republic: Vaclav Havel

Marc Theissen of The Enterprise Blog offers some stark comparisons between the results of the deeds that accompany the leadership style of these leaders.

Separating Light From Darkness

The startling satellite photos of the Korean peninsula at night reveals the truth about the darkness of totalitarianism.

Korean Pennusula at Night Reveals the Darkness of Totalitarianism

Besides the inability to produce enough energy to extend the enjoyment of life into the natural darkness that accompanies the end of the work day, totalitarianism must also snuff out the spiritual light that exists within all men in order to maintain control. Totalitarianism is not friendly to those with abilities, thoughts, or innovations that would challenge the ability, thought, and innovations of the Supreme Leader. That self-inflicted darkness of the mind and soul of individuals who find themselves born into such an earthly hell/regime leads every nation on the downhill path from social/democracy to totalitarianism into the downward spiral of poverty and the ever expanding sparseness of insufficiency known as dearth.

This photo accurately records the results of the deeds of former Supreme Leader Kim Jong Il and should stand as a warning sign to all men whose sense of survival has succumbed to fearing any other man as if he were God.

As Jay taught in Federalist 3,

It is not a new observation that the people of any country (if, like the Americans, intelligent and well-informed) seldom adopt and steadily persevere for many years in an erroneous opinion respecting their interests.

Vaclav Havel successfully lead the Czech Republic from the darkness of Soviet Union subjected totalitarianism of communism into the light of freedom of conscience, liberty, and private property rights. Havel lead a revolution whose center was the transcendent wisdom that re-established the tenants of normal humanity by ensuring the safety of the individual in a culture whose generations of totalitarian power was determined by criminalizing the individual. This is the subject of the film The Lives of Others.

The Lives of Others

Totalitarianism: every citizen is an un-yet charged criminal

While every totalitarian regime must criminalize the individual, enforcement of this over-criminalized mentality becomes the major employment agency. The naturally ensuing lack and scarcity of necessary products for life is blamed on individuals who are arrested, sentenced to prison work camp as part of an unpaid labor force, or executed as an example for others.

Representative Republic:  every citizen is endowed by his Creator with certain unalienable rights

Vaclav Havel wrote the speech “The Need for Transcendence in a Post Modern World” a 1994 July 4th message that was delivered at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pa. As we are learning in our study of the Federalist Papers, our Founding Fathers were able to form an exceptional nation because their ideas were founded upon undeniable principles guided by a clear understanding of human nature.

Tyranny was recognized as the nature within every man to lust for power and control over others, while liberty was the result of appreciating that all men were created in the image of God with certain unalienable rights.  Where tyranny is the direct result of fearing man more than God – the result of thinking wrongly about God – a Representative Republic is preserved with expanding liberty for all men when served by elected representative and citizens that think rightly about God.

Transcendent Wisdom brings about seemingly paradoxical results that keep human nature in check with the least loss of liberty for the entire group. For instance, the paradoxical adage attributed to Thomas Paine: That government is best which governs least.

Such a consideration is in direct conflict with the principle of Totalitarianism where every citizens is an un-yet charged criminal. Only by understanding that totalitarianism is possible only by citizenry that fears a man more than God can we appreciate that liberty is only possible when we think rightly about all men being created equal and endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights. That among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

So, in considering the results of the deeds of these two world leaders we see see the deeds that lead to liberty and those that lead to the tyranny of totalitarianism. When we remind ourselves that the purpose of our Constitution and Representative Republican form of government is: to ensure and defend the liberty and private property of all citizens, it is clear that the current idea of government regulating and legislating the American citizen into morality is the path to totalitarianism.

Funerals should always remind us of our mortality and to consider those things that make our human experience different from that of mere animals. We have so much to begin thinking rightly about.



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