Runoff election Dec. 13; Candiate debate Dec. 8

John Raney (left) and Bob Yancy debate Dec. 8 cancelled

UPDATE: THE DEBATE HAS BEEN CANCELLED. But we still urge you to vote on the 13th!

This past Monday, Gov. Perry set the date of the State District 14:

State Representative runoff  is Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Runoff Candidate Forum December 8

This is an extended-answer debate between the Texas House runoff candidates John Raney and Bob  Yancy. We will post the list of topics to be covered.

The candidates beyond their ads

Many people may have already decided who they will vote for, but others want to know more about each candidate, beyond their soundbites, websites and ads. This forum will give you the real details on each one’s platform and plans.


So either come support your chosen candidate or come to get the information to make your decision!

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