Human Nature: A Lesson from Proverbs

Prosperity and productivity

The book of Proverbs is full of wisdom regarding human nature. It was the responsibility of the author, King Solomon of Israel, as the father of the nation, to provide citizens with instruction that would enable them make good moral choices. A nation of citizens well grounded in moral principles would be prosperous and productive. A prosperous and productive nation grounded in moral principles would then be better able to take care of the widow, orphan, and afflicted.

King SolomonIn Proverbs, it is the voice of a loving father offering words of wisdom to his son. The father tells his son everything a young boy needs to know about human nature and how to avoid the traps and snares of individuals with evil intent.

The whole immoral package—and its consequences

When the father warns of the adulterous woman, his warning is for far more than mere sexual relations with a married woman. It goes the very lifestyle the adulterous woman is advocating. The adulterous woman makes it her purpose to nullify and destroy the moral principles instilled by a loving father, and by God. In doing so, the adulterous woman affects the ability of the young person to be productive and prosperous for the rest of his life.

This video offers a modern day twist on the adulterous woman archetype: a beautiful woman with an engaging smile offers conspiratorial stolen-bread kind of “friendly” advice. However, the end result of young people listening to these “lips that drip honey with smoother than oil speech” will be the end of their own prosperity, productivity, and well-being.

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.
John Adams


Does not Wisdom call?  ‘Listen, for I shall speak noble things; And the opening of my lips will produce right things.’





  1. John Adams never actually said that.

  2. Adams was a deist, meaning he accepted the idea of a Creator god but not necessarily the divinity of Jesus, and a universalist. That is, he recognized that all religions preach essentially the same moral code. His statement that the Constitution was made only for a “moral and religious people” suggests that Adams meant adherence to the Constitution depended on an ethical and dispassionate people accepting the principles contained in it. An unethical, overly emotional people could not be governed under it. (He may have had in mind France, which in 1798 was nearing the end of its own rather bloody Revolution.) Like Washington, he does not use the words “Jesus” or “Christianity,” or “Christian nation.” Rather, he is speaking about morality of a more general nature.

  3. Nancy Coppock says:


    I believe you are failing into the fallacy of Modernism that ascribes the meaning of words today applied as the definition to the same word in the past. Adams was certainly no universalist as we understand the word today – ascribing to all religions, regardless of history’s evidence to the contrary – all aspire to the same end product – eternity with the living God, Creator of the Universe.

    Also, I challenge you on your assertion that Washington never spoke of his Christian faith. I invite you to attend our upcoming dvd meetup featuring the Wall Builders dvd library. You can view the Christian writings of our Founding Fathers at

    Also, I take exception to the mention of “overly emotional people” a typical atheist/ruling class assertion based upon a bigoted personal opinion of evangelicals. Human nature, as describes in the Federalist Papers, is a fixed understanding that all men recognized and understood. That man is capable of rising above his own human nature is the very quality that makes relationship, community, and a nation based upon the principles of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness and therefore indicating the failure of Darwin’s Theory of survival of the fittest to accurately define the human condition.

    That said, it is the understanding and appreciation of man as a created being as stated in the Declaration of Independence that identifies the necessity of freedom of conscience – because God Himself endowed man with the freewill choice to acknowledge Him. Therefore, if you support our nation’s founding documents, you have nothing to fear from evangelicals. I purpose that your cause of distress is merely your own rebellion against God, a problem shared by all men.

    What I would rather point out is the absolute truth that any attempt to besmirch the character of anyone – in this case our Founding Fathers – in order to relieve your own conscience is understandable, but irrational. The truth remains regardless of what we may think of it or even whatever list of note worthy individuals that agree or disagree with you.

    Truth has decreed that morality cannot be determined by public opinion because democracy is simply the work of factions [Federalist 10 – Madison] out to deprive the civil liberties of other members of their own community. Legalizing that which is inherently immoral creates social unrest, requiring ever more legislation and loss of liberty – particularly freedom of conscience.

    Therefore morality must be transcendent to man, just as the concept of freedom of conscience, liberty, life, the individual potential of every man to be productive and prosperous, and the concept of the right of private property are also transcendent. The Federalist Papers while explaining how the proposed Constitution will work are also a collection of essays that describe the nature of man. The authors of the Federalist explain republican government to mean the ability of man to rise above that nature in order to create a liberty loving community and nation.

    What we have discovered with the historic fall of the Soviet Communist State is that not only is man a spiritual being, but that those endowed rights that we so glibly mention cannot exist without a Creator. Darwin’s survival of the fittest – the Ruling Class Structure that believes wealth, authority, and status are indicative of some sort of natural selection is complete rubbish. Status and wealth are not indicative of leadership, intelligence, or any concept of superior humanity.

    So, Richard, I ask you to learn to think for yourself rather than blindly accept the conclusions of so-called learned experts that purport to know that God does not exist or that our Founding Fathers were in no ways professing Christians. There is a great fallacy being perpetrated upon the minds of misseducated citizens that is based upon the erroneous idea that thinking the opposite of traditional understanding, or your parents, is the evidence of thinking for yourself. The truth is still the truth regardless of whether you accept it or not.

    Contemplating God and His nature is one of logic and reason because the nature of God is absolute inviolable truth and righteousness. It is those so-called experts that purport to know about things of which they reject prima facie [at first glance] that are peddling the proverbial opiate of the masses – a mind deadening agent that ends the quest for absolute truth. A man can not live long in liberty and freedom of conscience in such an environment. The iron fist of group think will either confine you to acquiescence or you will be identified as insane.

    The Tea Party Movement and the B/CS Tea Party treasure the endowed liberty of freedom of conscience. We invite you to study the Declaration of Independence, The Federalist Papers and the Constitution with us. We believe that understanding and appreciating the truth is what sets all men free. You can read our notes on the Federalist Papers in the pull down tab: First Principles. I will be posting Federalists 1-5 in the near future. They are excellent discussion of human nature that remain treasures to the world because they are true.

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