A Balanced Budget Amendment only treats the symptoms

Forget the sugar pills. The cure for our country's disease is the Constitution and the principles behind it.

When you only treat the symptoms, you allow the disease to progress

There is a problem with simply treating the symptoms of a deadly disease. You may think you feel better because of the treatment.  But the disease is still killing you.

Treat the disease—unconstitutional government

The Tea Party Movement exists because common citizens believe there is a fundamental decision to be made before setting course on the future of the nation. That decision is rooted in the philosophical principles written in our Founding Documents—the Declaration of Independence, The Federalist Papers, and The Constitution. What must be decided in the November 2012 election is not whether to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution, but rather whether that document or any other founding document defining the American Compact between the people and their government is of any consequence literally or legally.

Bureaucracy becomes tyranny

Those in the Tea Party Movement adhere to the original intent of the American Compact. We know that treating the Constitution as a “living document” is the same as having no rules at all. Further, in our understanding of human nature we appreciate that a bureaucrat unrestrained by rules is a tyrant in his own sphere of influence. The Tea Party Movement understands these realities because our productivity and prosperity are being threatened by “living” applications of the American Compact.

But, just as new members of the National Rifle Association may often be former liberals who experienced an armed attack by a mugger, average citizens are finding the need to become Constitutional Scholars. This is because our livelihoods and our children’s future have been put in jeopardy, if not destroyed, by tyrants affecting the authority of the government in pursuit of their own lawless instincts for more power and authority.

The proposed Balanced Budget Amendment does not treat the cause of such abuse of power. It treats only the symptoms of a government bureaucracy operating in a netherworld of unconstitutional privileges, legislation, regulation, and authority.

Those politicians advocating a Balanced Budget Amendment would be of better service to the end good of the people and nation if they spoke accurately about the American Compact rather than continuing to promote feel-good solutions to problems created by unconstitutional legislation and spending.

Elected officials, do your sworn duty—defend and support the Constitution

Our elected officials have sworn an oath to defend and support the Constitution. A Town Hall to teach the documents of our American Compact would be of far more consequence than a Town Hall to defend decisions that continue the policy of unconstitutional out of control spending. It is our republican (little “r”) spirit that has motivated the Tea Party Movement to do what our leaders are failing to do. The Tea Party Movement is calling for more republicanism in our elected officials.




  1. Matthew Johnson says:

    Agree, the vision must be to fully restore our Republic. But having goals along the way surely serves as impressive “dots” in our resume.Agreed a B.B.A is not the solution to the problem. True citizenship, as defined by Aristotle seems to be a better remedy. But a B.B.A that is true to the spirit of our Republic is a step in the right direction to Aristotelian Citizenship.

  2. The GOOD news: Today the House voted against raising the debt ceiling by $1.2 trillion.

    The BAD news: On Aug 1 of 2011 Congress authorized raising the debt ceiling by $1.2 trillion, and today’s vote is merely a symbolic vote, a formality built into the “McConnell Plan” that allows Representatives who voted FOR the authorization last summer to endorse a “resolution of disapproval” today, to pretend that they are fiscal conservatives. Here is an article about it: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2012/01/18/dont-let-debt-ceiling-political-theater-in-congress-distract-from-real-budget/

    Do you know how your Representative voted? Each time?

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