Who would John Wayne vote for?

John Wayne impersonator holding Herman Cain's new book after Mr. Cain just signed itThe B/CS Tea Party does not, as the B/CS Tea Party, support individual candidates. We see our job as helping people sift through all the issues and candidates out there so they can evaluate them by the Constitution and our nation’s founding principles. Of course during primary time we all have our favorites.

We noticed, at the Herman Cain book signing today, the great John Wayne impersonator Dr. Gene Howard (far left) seems to be leaning toward a particular candidate. :-)

John Wayne impersonator holding sign saying Vote 'Em All Out

John Wayne, aka Dr. Gene Howard, showing his sentiments at the 2009 Bryan/College Station Tea Party event

John Wayne impersonator speaking with microphone

The Duke speaking at the 2009 B/CS Tea Party event. A man's got to do what a man's got to do.


  1. Jag N. Holt says:

    TeaPartyPatriots.org released their tele-forum straw poll results in the last couple of days. Here are the results:

    Newt Gingrich 31%
    Michele Bachmann 28%
    Mitt Romney 20%
    Rick Santorum 16%
    Ron Paul 3%
    Rick Perry 2%
    Jon Huntsman 0% (.34%)

    Here is a link to their page (http://www.teapartypatriots.org/presidential-tele-forum-results/) which includes a graph of candidate support by Tea Party Patriot membership over [an unspecified] time. The results of this latest poll seem to be explained by the graph, which indicates that Gary Johnson and Ron Paul supporters within the ranks of TPP membership were purged shortly after the first poll was taken.

    • Jag, the horizontal component is not a time function; rather it is a scale ranging from “Not Enthusiastic” to “Extremely Enthusiastic”, but I would say that the low ranking of Ron Paul indicates that the TPP has been co-opted by neocons. By the way, Gary Johnson is not represented in the poll – I think you meant Jon Huntsman.

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