Time For Action: TX House Candidate Forum

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As supporters of the B/CS Tea Party we now have the opportunity to show our unity and strength of numbers.

We—all of us—are hosting this

The B/CS Tea Party is hosting a forum for the candidates of the District 14 special election (Fred Brown’s seat).

Tuesday, October 18th, 7pm at the College Station Conference Center on George Bush Dr.

The room can hold two hundred people. We are asking you to set aside two hours to support the cause of freedom. I say this in all seriousness. Fred Brown represented us well and it is up to you to replace him with a person who will do as well or better.

(Location details are on the Upcoming Events page. Also, if you are on Facebook please acknowledge your attendance on the Facebook Event page.)

We must be there

We need to show up en masse to demonstrate our resolve to hold our representatives to our standards, not Austin’s or Washington’s. We will be asking pointed questions and expect straight answers.

(Also, you can download the full-page flyer, and/or the two-per-sheet flyer.)

Send questions

If you have a question you want asked, send it to contact@bcsteaparty.com. If you want to hear the answer come to the College Station Conference Center on Tuesday, October 18th at 7:00.

The candidates attending:
Joshua Baker
Rebecca Boenigk
Judy Webb LeUnes
John Raney
Bob Yancy

Bill Bingham
Vice President, B/CS Tea Party

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