GOOOH has a plan to Fire all 435 members of the US Congress

(This is a guest editorial from Wayne Arrington of College Station.)

Dear Friends,

Do you approve of the job Congress is doing? Recent surveys say that 90% of us disapprove, yet 95% of incumbents will get re-elected.

Politicians have taken control of our government; our nation is at risk.
We have a plan to evict all 435 of the career politicians who have taken over the U.S. House of Representatives and get our country back on track.

The GOOOH plan will

  1. sever all ties with special interest money,
  2. break the stranglehold the two parties have on our government,
  3. fire the career politicians, and
  4. put accountability back into the system.

Now is the time to act

District 17 is holding mock elections on:

November 5th
Sam Rayburn Middle School Cafeteria
N. Earl Rudder Freeway
Bryan, Texas 77802

We are selecting the Citizen Representative for this district and need your help. If you know someone that you believe will make a good representative for “The People” of our district, not the special interest groups in Washington, bring them to Sam Rayburn Middle School on November 5th. Even if you don’t know anyone that could represent us, come and bring your family and friends and take part in this historic event of electing a true Citizen Representative!

Another way you can help is to make copies of the attached flier and pass them out. Give them to your friends, co-workers, family, put them on bulletin boards, place them on car windows, go door to door, just make a commitment to get the word out – because if you don’t act now, you can’t blame anyone but yourself on which politician is sent back to Washington and you end up with business as usual.

For more information about GOOOH visit our web site at

Wayne Arrington
College Station


  1. “Resent survey’s.”

    In other words, “something belonging to the survey that was sent again to someone.”

    Is that really what you meant to say? I’m not trying to nit-pick, really I’m not…but if we want to be taken seriously, then we need to get serious about basic things like spelling, grammar, and word meanings.

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