District 14 Texas House Candidate Forum A Success

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Thank you candidates!

The Bryan/College Station Tea Party wants to thank the four candidates for their terrific participation in the District 14 Texas House Candidate Forum tonight at the College Station Conference Center. Those four candidates were:

  • Libertarian Joshua Baker
  • Democrat Judy LeUnes
  • Republican John Raney, and
  • Republican Bob Yancy

Candidate Forum flyer screenshotRepublican Rebecca Boenigk, after agreeing to appear, had campaign manager Bill Gravell call right before the event to say that she had a prior engagement.

Thank you attendees!

Many I spoke to said that the forum was welcomingly different. We focused discussion on the principle of government as understood from Federalist 10 (James Madison): the purpose of government is to ensure and defend the liberty and private property rights of all citizens. All the candidates agreed that studying for the B/CS Tea Party forum had been difficult, but fun none the less. Considering that we had candidates from all three political parties, that is both a credit to the B/CS Tea Party board in selecting and preparing the topics and questions as well as an appreciation of the power of the unifying principles that established our nation and our state.

The questions related to the topic of private property rights indicated that most candidates and elected officials are not aware of the perspective of the private property owner. All of the District 14 Texas House candidates vowed to research that topic more due to their admitted ignorance about a subject that had the audience quite vocal in informing the candidates of their concerns.

Changing the discussion

The B/CS Tea Party is very pleased to report that the audience participation on the subject of property rights only served to highlight to the candidates their need to learn more on this subject in order to better serve future constituents better. That no other forum had previously discussed this topic, which is of such interest to a large group of citizens, indicates that the B/CS Tea Party, as well as the Tea Party Movement, are indeed necessary to changing the conversation of political discussion.

Those questions…

We hope that everyone used their scorecard to keep track of rating answers and as promised we are making the questions and background information public. You can view the PDF of the questions and backgrounds by clicking here.

The recording of the event is now posted. You may download and/or listen to the audio files in the list at the upper right of this story.

Also, as stated in the conclusion, we have invited the participating candidates to each write a guest article/editorial* if they would like to add or explain further any question. We are an educational group and we want to provide the voters with the best information in order to select the best candidate to serve in the purpose of government—which is, again, to ensure and defend the liberty and private property of every citizen.

Again, thanks go out to those candidates participating in our Candidate Forum and to all the people who attended and made this forum a dynamic success!

*Candidates, please let use know at contact@bcsteaparty.com. You may either email us your response or request a guest editor account to log in and enter it directly on our site.


  1. Moderator says:

    We did get a good article from the Eagle: Field split on school vouchers

    And reaction from Rebecca Boenigk’s absence: Why is Rebecca Boenigk Avoiding Public Forums?

    If anyone’s heard anything else, please add your info here!

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