AFP-TX: Green Scissors

Green Scissors: Cutting Wasteful & Environmentally Harmful Spending


Peggy Venable of Americans For Prosperity – Texas released the following statements in support of the release of this Left-Right Coalition paper.   

“America currently faces the toughest economic challenges seen in generations. We agree with Green Scissors that as our federal government faces a $1.65 trillion deficit and $14 trillion debt, it is imperative that we cut unnecessary and wasteful federal spending.  Americans for Prosperity commends the Left-Right Coalition in their call on Congress to make environmentally sensible budget cuts.”

“Americans for Prosperity released its list of proposed budget cuts on Monday, and several of these proposals – such as ending the ethanol tax credits, renewable fuel standards, and eliminating agricultural subsidies – go hand-in-hand with the cuts proposed by the Coalition today. AFP has identified $5 trillion in federal spending cuts, and the cuts proposed today will go a long way to reach this achievable goal.”

“We applaud the Coalition for their work, and we urge Congress to take action. These wasteful programs must be eliminated to balance our budget, reduce our national deficit and put America back on a course to prosperity.”

For more information about Americans For Prosperity recommendations for the Debt Reduction Super Committee now at work in Congress click here.

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