The Genius of the American People

The Genius of America - America rests her right arm on her shield as she points to Justice who holds the Constitution in her right hand and a pair of scales in her left. To America's left is an eagle and Hope who points to heaven while resting her arm on an anchor

This iconic sculptural pediment which is over the east central entrance to the U.S. Capitol is called Genius of America.

In Federalist #55, Madison refers to ““genius of the people of America, the spirit which actuates the State legislatures, and the principles which are Incorporated with the political character of every class of citizens...”

America’s shield is supported by an altar bearing the date of the Declaration of Independence – July 4th, 1776. Justice holds the scroll of  inscribed The Constitution – 17 September 1787 .

President John Quincy Adams wanted the pediment design to “represent the American Union founded on the Declaration of Independence and consummated by the organization of the organization of the general government under the Federal Constitution, supported by Justice in the past, and relying upon Hope in Providence for the future.

This symbolic icon represents the philosophical spirit of our nation that looks to Providence (God) while resting upon the anchor of the unifying principles of endowed rights and good government (truth) stated in the Declaration of Independence and the secured endowed rights and the practical means to establish the institutions as well as the rules to perpetuate good government in the Constitution.

The source of this authority is We The People.

By studying the Federalist Papers we revive the “genius of the people of American, the spirit which actuates [informs] the State legislatures…” and by State, that refers to any and all legislative bodies, even the Federal State.

By studying the Federalist Papers we learn the truth about our nation and the truth will set you free.

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