Heritage Action For America: Scorecard

The Heritage Foundation has created Heritage Action For America which is a congressional news blog as well as an action scorecard for congressional votes.

Considering Texas’ history in man’s pursuit for Liberty, it is disappointing that our elected officials are not a part of the vanguard of the current congressmen working to push back the encroachment of government into our liberty.

The first scorecard is not a good one for Texas or for District 17.

Isn't that our rep bringing up the rear?


  • 12 Texas Republicans scored less than 70%.
  • ¬†All 9 Texas Democrats scored less than 25%.
  • 25 Texas Republicans are serving in Washington, D.C. and only one scored 90% with 20 scoring less than 80%!

Since when does a Texan believe a “C” grade acceptable in the pursuit of Liberty?

Click on the links to view the votes used by Heritage Action for America and the method used for scoring.

South Carolina comprises the Vanguard of Liberty in Washington, D.C.

South Carolina is the leader for Liberty in the 112th Congress. In fact, in 2010 when I was able to attend the national Americans For Prosperity – Defending The American Dream summit in Washington, D.C. it was South Carolina that led the nation in attendance. So, it is clear that an active, engaged citizenry is at work in defense of individual liberty in the great state of South Carolina. A good reason to consider attending the upcoming 2011 Defending the American Dream Summit!


  1. brazosdude says:

    Beware standardized testing. Get the whole picture, do YOUR OWN homework, view issue IN CONTEXT, and I think you will (or should I say, you should) be quite proud of the Texas delegation and our congressman Bill Flores.

  2. The priority of the B/CS Tea Party is to teach the unifying principles of our nation. Confidence in these principles can only strengthen our nation and be an encouragement to our elected officials to vote accordingly. However, for generations we have faltered in our faith in these principles of absolute truth, and righting our nation’s course back to the Constitution will take time. We appreciate that, but we still want to see progress in the right direction.

    Are you suggesting that we should be happy with anything less than a grade A defender of liberty? How then can we encourage our entire Texas delegation to trust in the unifying principles of our American compact and better our state’s standing in ensuring and defense of liberty?

    I don’t think Mr. Flores would ever say or support such a comment. I have too much respect for Rep. Flores to believe he would ever countenance such an opinion. I firmly believes he desires more than anything to be a great defender of liberty because that’s what he has depended upon all his life.

    We have allowed what we know to be true to be boxed into a Personal Application Only box. This has caused our nation great harm. This slide can be halted by citizens and elected officials trusting that these unifying principles are true and then acting accordingly. It is the same with any faith that is discerned by works. Asking our Texas delegation to vote accordingly is not mindless criticism, it is the application of our faith in liberty and its necessity to the American spirit.

  3. A good overview of Heritage Action and the controversy its efforts bring: http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/280098/action-report-ramesh-ponnuru?pg=1

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