El Empleo – Animated Short: Working For The Man

Our Nation is Divided because it is Operating Under Two Opposing Philosophies

The first worldview is the philosophy of our original intent:

  • Man as a created being endowed by God with certain unalienable rights.
  • Man possesses productive¬† attributes in the image of our Creator, while also bearing a nature in rebellion to the Creator.
  • Natural Law, derived from acknowledging these principles was used to our benefit by our Constitution allowing human nature to safeguard Liberty.
  • As Madison wrote in Federalist 51Ambition must be made to counteract ambition.

The second worldview is the philosophy of Post-Modernism:

  • Man as an evolved human machine, without spirit, without will.
  • While denying the existence of God, instead encourages and then enforces through groupthink the worship of man and his ideas.
  • Other human machines must be informed by those in power and authority what, when, where, and how human machines will provide their assigned service to the community/state.

ObamaCare is the application of this second philosophy.

President Abraham Lincoln applied the spiritual truth that a nation divided against itself cannot stand. That same truth applies today.

Below is an award winning short animation that depicts the dehumanizing horror of the Post-Modernist philosophy.



  1. fascinating though it can seem frnturasitg if one side or the other of the relationship doesn’t live up to the others expectations or as in 3 fantasies of the ideal relationship, which I believe to be another factor in the downfall of some relationships because one can only remain frustrated so long before the relationship doesn’t seem worth it any more then the question remains does one throw the relationship away because the other didn’t live up to their expectations or does one remain in the relationship allowing it to sink to less then they expected? I suppose this would cause a problem though as if the other side has less expectations than the others than is it their fault/problem that the relationship seems to be stooping? or not?]]>

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