Mark Gillar Interviews Mark Steyn

Our own Mark Gillar hits the big time, not only for interviewing the indomitable Mark Steyn, but for his interview being referenced on Steyn’s own website (scroll down to “The Other Stockholm Syndrome” under “Steyn this Week”). This is an incredible honor as Steyn is booked for interviews every 15 minutes. To have the Tea Party Power Hour as the selected interview of the week is a tremendous compliment.

The two Marks  discuss  about Steyn’s new book After America: Get Ready For Armageddon.  

Steyn urges us to fight Progressive Stupidity such as outlawing Church Bake Sales or complimentary coffee for your business’s customers right here in our own communities as a way to defeat the trillion dollar stupidity in Washington, D.C.

A nation that needs permission to open a lemonade stand is a nation without Liberty.

Steyn also points out the natural law of national self-interest and the application that China has one; and that it is America who is behaving oddly.

Trump May Run As Independent

The second half of the show is an interview with Donald Trump’s political advisor Michael Cohen.

Find out about Trump’s plans to run as an Independent candidate for President as well as some interesting business/investment facts about America, Inc.—which, as Mark Steyn notes, operates as though it were some giant Philanthropic Trust.

Click here to listen to the show.




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