The Tea Party and the Debt Ceiling Compromise

One thing is clear in regards to the Tea Party Movement’s input in the recent Debt Ceiling Compromise quickly signed into law by President Obama—Tea Party Conservatism is rooted in the reality of absolute truths. While this is our greatest strength, we live in a culture steeped in Postmodern relativism in which the greatest social faux paux is divisiveness. Human nature alone indicates we must not be surprised by the vitriolic manner in which we are described and discussed by politicians and the media, because man is a natural rebel to the truth.

One thing is certain and absolute, nothing is more divisive than the Truth.

Adam Smith - Wealth of Nations (1776) "A System of Natural Liberty"

Regardless the Truth remains. The Invisible Hand of Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations is declaring reality as to the success or failure of the Debt Ceiling Compromise as the Stock Market continues to decline. Financial rating firms are considering downgrading American bonds and charging the nation higher interest for future borrowing. This is simple economic common sense.

However, the dialog driving the crisis maintains that continued government spending is the issue we must resolve. Already, the press is interviewing individuals fearful of the end of their unemployment check. It seems that continued government spending must be entrenched in the mind of the listeners—otherwise, you might be persuaded to become a Tea Party terrorist and defend your own liberty.

In Federalist 55, Madison wrote of the genius of the American people to defend their own liberty. The purpose of our elected representatives is to defend the liberty of their constituents. Liberty is the ability of freewill choice endowed in man by his Creator. Nothing is more deleterious to Liberty than debt. Debt eradicates choice therefore debt eradicates Liberty.

This must be our foremost consideration as to our determination of whether this community was well-represented by its three elected representatives in the Congress of the United States of America. The question is not who won politically in the debt ceiling crisis. The question to be answered is: Was your individual liberty preserved or compromised?

It is the purpose of the Bryan/College Station Tea Party to teach,  and then empower, members of our community to act in the fundamental principles of our Constitution. In our study of the Federalist Papers and Federalist 55 in particular, it becomes apparent that only a citizenry and elected representatives knowledgeable in the fundamental truths of Liberty are able to defend that same Liberty.

Did these elected representatives defend the liberty of their constituents? Let them know what you think by following the links attached to their picture, and if you like adding a comment below.

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison


Senator John Cornyn

Representative Bill Flores


  1. Ron Darby says:

    We need to get behind Flores to get him to sponsor the Fair Tax bill now in congress. Everyone agrees that tax reform MUST be an integral part of getting our “fiscal house in order”, and the Fair Tax bill will “level the playing field” by doing away with the IRS (all 7,000 pages of the IRS “special interests” code),all income and corporate taxes, loopholes, special interest “benies”, etc., and replace them all by a general consumption tax. This will insure that everyone is taxed according to their means and standard of living.

  2. I could not agree with you more, Ron.

    Whether the Fair Tax or the Flat Tax – our tax code must work WITH our natural nature rather than against it.

    Man’s natural nature is one of being created by a Creator in the image of that Creator. When we are behaving in the image of our Creator we are productive, creative, entrepreneurial, and so appreciative of diversity that our minds must stand in awe.

    The current tax code is a complex maze of Byzantine rules set in place by men of factions out to deprive other citizens of their civil liberties. The purpose of the current tax code is to thwart the natural nature of man as a producer, an innovator that our Constitution was written to protect.

    Tax reform would be a philosophical debate as to determine once and for all that this nation stands apart from any other nation in that it was created through understanding rather than brute power. That America is a nation that recognizes the reality of man – his human nature and well as his Creator inspired natural nature – seeking to rise above the former and unleash the pursuit of happiness of the later.

    The Republican Leadership is incorrect to pursue the Balanced Budget Amendment before determining the future philosophy of this nation. They insist upon bolting the gate after the debt has stampeded across the globe, rather that fighting the real debate – the continuation of this nation as founded, or nullification of our own Founding Principles.

  3. Bob Hilliard says:

    Nancy, you hit the nail on the head about the Balanced Budget Amendment. The unintended consequences will be that it will fundamentally change our Constitution from one of “enumerated” powers only to one of “general” powers. Out of the many BBA’s that have been proposed, not one specifies (or “enumerates” how the money is to be allocated. In our Constitution, Congress may only lawfully regulate and fund certain “enumerated” subjects…like funding for defense, immigration enforcement, coining money, etc., etc. If they do otherwise, which they do with impunity, they do so unlawfully and we have lawful recourse as specified in the Constitution. If this amendment is passed, all their spending will now be lawful and we will have no recourse whatsoever. Plus, presenting the amendment to us as a document that “limits” government spending to a certain % of GDP is misleading, at best. The case can be made that we are now giving Congress “permission” to spend up to whatever percentage is provided in the amendment. AND ON ANYTHING THIER HEART DESIRES!! Do we not have one single Congressman that understands the Constitution and will agree to let it guide his decisions in Washington??

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