Agenda 21/ICLEI Ideas Enforced by EPA

Activist Judges Apply Pressure To Assure Conformity to “Agenda” Regulations

Clint Didier is a Washington state wheat farmer and two-time super bowl champ. The EPA wants to deny Didier use of farming his property so they can create a buffer zone to prevent pesticides and herbicides from getting into the river system although there is no evidence of these chemicals in the river.

The purpose of our government is to punish wrong-doers – not to deny civil liberties to good citizens.

While only Congress has the power to make laws, leadership within government agencies are writing regulations to enforce adherence to Agenda 21 /ICLEI. The court system is then used to enforce regulations as if they were law.

This process of deeming what isn’t law as if it were law negates the Constitution.

Be vigilant for designs upon the Brazos River as well as our local lakes, ponds, and wetlands.



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