Agenda 21/ ICLEI – Changing The Conversation

It’s About Liberty vs.  The Communism of the “New World Order”

Other Tea Parties and like minded groups have successfully outlawed Agenda 21/ ICLEI – the United Nations’ programs of sustainable growth that will eradicate American Liberty as well as our Constitution.

This Globalist Agenda Began With President George H.W. Bush’s “New World Order”

In this video, Diane Silverman – Garland County Tea Party in Hot Springs, Arkansas – gives a quick history of President George H. W. Bush’s “New World Order” through the United States has eaten away at our Constitution. This is an agenda that is not driven through political party, but through individuals both elected or are simply community leaders that have been co-opted by this anti-America as a nation, anti-American Founding Principles, globalist program.

Even some Republican candidates for President of the United States of America have ties to this globalist agenda.

If the Tea Party is not willing to learn and spread the word, then who will. Watch this video and let’s work together to change the conversation in our community.


  1. rawdzilla says:

    My mother was born and grew up in Chile and was a Chilean citizen for most of her life, but she better than I knew the privilege of being an American. And just as intensely as my Dad, she always wanted me to be an American citizen just like the father she never got to know because he died before she was three years old. But it’s only from the experience of the last twenty five years seeing the American way of life, my life included in so many ways, and those nearest me whom I loved deeply, and the freedoms it guaranteed its citizens gradually being eroded that I’ve come to appreciate the full extent of what being an American meant. But I also believe that had I become Chilean instead, as my two Chilean born brothers could have by birth rights, I would have felt the same way had Chile been the one threatened by Globalism, or Chavez’ Bolivarianism as he calls it. And perhaps they too are presently as they have in the past been threatened by the spectre of communism. And I admit that as a young man I was enamoured by the writings of the young Marx too and the idealism they conveyed. But to this day I have never been able to assimilate, or stomach better said, the thought of the abolition of private property he so loudly and crassly enunciated in the Communist Manifesto. Perhaps it is because in my heart of hearts I was always more American than I would honestly want to have given myself credit for. But perhaps it really goes deeper than Americanism, perhaps as my father time and again tried to drill into my head, that its part of human nature to be “selfish”, to be self centered, to deeply desire to own what is one’s own, be it wealth or family, because that is the way God created all creatures big or small. And I believe that beyond all possible reason that my father was right and that of all the things he gave me out of love this thought was the one that conveyed the most love of all. If private property is abolished, then what are the boundaries that grant me freedom and space to be free to pursue my ends, without the oversight and yoke of dictatorship and repression? The true hidden meaning of globalism is exactly that: the transfer of wealth and personal rights to the state and the abolition of all individualism, culture, rootedness, to the nameless collective overseing by a panoptic elite.

    And what does Globalism have to with personal rights? Simply, Globalism is the weapon by which the nationhood of America is being assailed. And not only America and its tradition, but Chile and its traditions, and those of every other country eventually. But America is the price target because it has the strongest tradition defending the personal rights of the individual. Without our nation we stand to loose all our wealth and liberties our forefathers fought so hard to bequeath to us.

    It is time we all open our eyes to the danger that increasingly threatens our personal liberties and start once again like our forfathers defending the principles upon which this nation was founded.

    Join the Tea Party to fight Globalism and its Gulag shadow!

    Please watch the following video:

    God bless America!

    • Thank you for sharing your story. What you describe is not merely Americanism, but instead is the truth that God endowed all men with certain unalienable rights just as our Declaration of Independence states. Even when deprived of these endowed rights, these rights remain within the human spirit. Rather than an American principle, this is the reality of ALL men. Therefore, as you also have concluded that if America ceases to defend liberty, then the rest of the world will also suffer.

      It is horrifying to consider that some Americans are willingly opposing liberty with the same intensity as an organ transplant rejection. This is why we must refresh ourselves in the unique compact that our Founders created – a government whose first priority is to ensure and defend liberty.

  2. darnell garcia says:

    Please contact me I am needing to learn how to bring this information front and center to the CIty of
    Tomball. My research show this is A 21 ….Born and raised in Houston texas I am 69 years young.

    I have researched and researched and am connecting the dots. I WOULD LIKE TO MEET WITH ANYONE
    who can show me how to Enlighten and Inform the people of Tomball and Magnolia.

    Appreciate your help…God Bless….darnell garcia 15126 Boudreaux Rd Tomball Texas 77377
    Ph 832-814-4108 or PO Box 82 Tomball Texas 77377 Call anytime..THANKS>

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