Agenda 21 and Depopulation

Dr Stan Monteith of Liberty Radio  interviews Orlean Koehle – State President of California Eagle Forum – and author of By Stealth and Deception: USA Transformation and Its Parallel to the European Union which is about Agenda 21 and its plan of depopulation.  This broadcast took place on May 31st 2011.

Although this broadcast promotes a recent symposium, there is plenty of good information.


  • While Earth First may sound like kooks, their ideas are rapidly being put into action:
  • Wild Predators are being introduced into populated areas,
  • Dams are being destroyed and inhabited land flooded.
  • The importance of local sheriffs’ adherence to The Constitution in regards to regulations being deemed the equivalence of law. Only Congress can write/pass law.


  • Rural landowners loss of property rights through buffer zones and well water meters.
  • Buzz Words to learn: Smart meters, smart grid, smart growth, redevelopment.
  • This is a Ruling Class/Cultural Elite problem not a political party. Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg is anti-Agenda 21 because of its depopulation plans.




  1. Jag N. Holt says:

    Residents of states like Texas with large rural populations should be particularly concerned with the “Wildlands Network”, formerly referred to as the “Wildlands Project”. The Wildlands Network is literally a network of proposed bio-corridors that connect wildlife reserves, all of which will have large buffer zones and are slated to be off-limits to the public. What’s worse is that these newly created zones are to be created by eminent domain from lands that are currently held as private property. Here is a link to an excellent short paper on the subject, complete with lots of interesting maps: You will be shocked to see what has been proposed. This is how the paper starts, “One hour before the U.S. Senate was to adopt the United Nations Treaty on Biodiversity, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) went to the floor with a 300-plus-page draft copy of Chapter 10 of the United Nations Global Biodiversity Assessment and a 4’x6′ poster.”

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