Why I Support Herman Cain

The only way to find a political candidate that you agree 100% with is to run for office yourself. So every four years Americans must weigh the issues that matter to them and judge the character of the candidates based on evidence that can be seen. In such an important election year, please consider Herman Cain.

Herman Cain is a proven leader, with the moral fortitude and common sense solutions to our real-world problems.

Herman Cain is a man of character. He has been married to his wife, Gloria, for 43 years. He’s humble enough to admit when he doesn’t have an answer (in interviews with Sean Hannity and others). And he doesn’t let the political correctness mute his bold and direct form of speech. He says what he means and has a great sense of humor.

On the issues, Herman Cain believes in the free market. He should—he’s been a successful businessman for decades, working for Coca-Cola, Pillsbury, Burger King and Godfather’s Pizza. Some argue Mr. Cain’s lack of political experience would inhibit his ability to lead the nation. But what workplace is without internal political struggles that must be overcome for the success of the whole company? Didn’t President Calvin Coolidge say, “The business of America is business”? It’s time for a businessman to free the American economic train from the web of red tape.

Herman Cain believes we should secure the border, enforce the laws we already have on the books, and treat our allies as friends. Some argue he doesn’t have any foreign policy experience. Herman Cain has already met with generals and national security experts to increase his understanding. A real leader doesn’t have to be an expert in every subject to be an effective leader—a real leader works to find the right people with the answers.

Herman Cain supports the Fair Tax, a lofty ideal to simplify and equalize tax law in the land. When he was on the radio, he was able to communicate complex economic ideas in a way that any person could understand. Who better to educate America about the Fair Tax? The Fair Tax has some giant obstacles (e.g., repealing the 16th Amendment), so for the short-term Herman Cain has an excellent 5-point tax plan to jump-start the economy:

  1. Eliminate the taxes on repatriated profits, which are earnings of American-based multinational companies that sit in bank accounts overseas to avoid double taxation for bringing their profits back to the U.S.
  2. Make the current tax rates permanent. Families and businesses do not plan for two years at a time!
  3. Reduce the corporate income tax from 35 to 25 percent, with the potential for additional incremental decreases over time.
  4. Eliminate the tax on capital gains and their dividends.
  5. Suspend payroll taxes for both employees and employers for one year.

(Remember at the beginning about no one’s 100% in agreement? I’d like him to also eliminate the estate tax.)

This is just a taste of Herman Cain’s platform. Listen to Herman Cain speak for yourself, unfiltered and with an open mind. Can you personally afford 4 more years of President Obama?

Our nation rose from tyranny through hard work and grassroot ideas. We the People do not have to settle for political monotony again. Let’s elect a problem solver!

If you want to hear Herman Cain in person in the Brazos Valley, join our cause: www.facebook.com/AggiesforHermanCain.


  1. I can hardly agree with Herman Cain on everything. He is a former Federal Reserve chairman who says that the Federal Reserve is a “tightly run organization”. How can that be when the Fed’s recent audit shows how reckless they are with loaning money and printing money out of thin air. Another point is, that his stance on Muslims in America is ridiculous. We cant have use the Constitution like he implies.

    • AggiesforHermanCain says:

      The Fed is an important topic. I would encourage you to listen to Herman Cain’s interview with Glen Beck because Glen asked him directly about the Federal Reserve. He points out that Bernanke’s borrowing/printing is horrible. He also says he does not oppose auditing the Fed, if others want to lead it. Since he has worked for the Fed, it wouldn’t be appropriate for him to lead an audit of the Fed, as he would be accused of bias.

      “Anti-Muslim” is media spin. Herman Cain has clarified in multiple interviews that he doesn’t hate Muslims or resent Muslims in America. He opposes Sharia law being implemented in American courts, since is it not the law of this land and is in conflict with our Constitutional principles.

      Primaries are the time to discuss what order we should work on America’s problems. Where the Fed falls on that list is up to each individual.

      These discussions are good! Ultimately, we will never elect a Solomon, only an uninspired, fallible mortal like the rest of us.

  2. Ron Darby says:

    I’d vote for Herman Cain at the drop of a hat!! However, he does need some very astute political advisers to guide him through the “political morass” in Washington (Michelle Bachman immediately comes to mind). As he is not a “politician”, he could get eaten alive by the “system” if he doesn’t know how to manipulate it.

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