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JoAnn Fleming* provides the best overview of the recent session and special session of the Texas Legislature at Ramparts360. Fleming explains our disappointment with the past session and special session clearly and names names.

Texas Legislative Update – the People’s Unfinished Business

While the leadership of the Texas House and Senate played political games to run out the special session clock, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley signed an immigration reform law Monday (06/27/11), establishing a $1.3 million illegal enforcement unit for the state.

The South Carolina law, the latest immigration reform measure to pass state legislatures around the nation, requires employers to use the federal E-Verify system to check employees’ and job applicants’ citizenship status. It also establishes a team of immigration police aimed at enforcing the new law. The unit will have 12 full-time officers.

Governor Nikki Haley has proven her talk by her walk. The South Carolina legislature and Governor Haley got the job done, and they got the job done in a non-border state.

In our border state of Texas, with a super-majority of Republicans in the House, a majority in the Senate, Republican Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, and Republican Governor Rick Perry, our state leadership could not manage simple anti-sanctuary city legislation – legislation that did not include E-verify, another much-needed reform measure.

Other Topics of Our Concern Include:

Texas Leadership Fails to Get the Job Done

Why the Anti-Sanctuary City Bill Failed

Bryon Cook Kept Sanctuary City Bill Bottled in Committee

The TX legislature also failed to pass the Fourth Amendment-defending TSA anti- groping bill along with anti-Sharia law legislation and scores of other bills dealing with illegal immigration and its heavy toll on Texas. Why did most of these bills fail to make it out of committee with the GOP-controlled branches of executive and legislative state government? Political games, special interests, cowardice, and a lack of leadership…

Texans don’t want political games or special interests of cheap labor advocates from our elected representatives. We want adherence to the Rule of Law.

Fleming leads the call for Gov. Perry to call another special session to get anti- sanctuary city, E-verify, and Fourth Amendment, liberty-defending legislation passed. Will Perry agree?

Ask Governor Perry To Call 2nd Special Session

We must ask. Take a moment next week to contact the Governor’s Office and ask him to please call another special session and supervise that each of the bills addressing these topics are allowed out of committee to be debated on the legislator’s floor and voted upon.

I encourage everyone to read JoAnn Fleming’s full article here.


*JoAnn Fleming serves as Chairman of the TEA Party Caucus Advisory Committee for the Texas State Legislature. She is the full-time volunteer Executive Director of Grassroots America – We the People of Tyler/Smith County, Texas, (www.gawtp.com) and is a former county commissioner. She is a subject matter consultant in local government public policy development, Performance Management, Organizational Development, Teambuilding, Small Business Consulting, Political Campaign Management/Strategy, and Grassroots Activist Training. A leader in the conservative movement for nineteen years, she has served on twenty local government boards, committees, and task forces. JoAnn is a regional public speaker and a guest political analyst/commentator for Tyler/Smith County local media. Contact: jafleming3@juno.com

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