Mark Gillar Tracks Obama Birth Certificate

We are so lucky to count within our group Mark Gillar the blogtalk radio host of The Tea Party Power Hour.

For those not familiar with blog talk radio – it’s just another method of alternative news via a computer and the internet. Where the Bryan/College Station Tea Party website is a method of posting information pertinent to empowering our community through “Teach. Empower. Act”, blog talk radio is a web platform that allows people like Mark to created their own radio show and broadcast it over the internet. Mark Gillar has interviewed the top names in the Tea Party Movement and because he is active within our group, we have the Tea Party Power Hour as a permanent link on our website. Mark Gillar and his radio show are each a fantastic source within our own organization to keep us on the cutting edge of what’s happening across the nation within the Tea Party Movement. I encourage everyone to use our permanent link to listen to his show each week.

Earlier this month, Mark interviewed Dr. Jerome Corsi, the author of five previous New York Times best-sellers with his latest book, Where’s The Birth Certificate? – The Case That Barack Obama Is Not Eligible To Be President just now earning the best-seller list. While we are well-aware that discussion of the Obama Birth Certificate has been rife with speculation since the original Obama Campaign for President back in 2008.

True Facts about Barak Obama

The fact that the first release of an Obama birth certificate was quickly judged to be a computer generated fraud has only fueled further speculation. Recently, reality star and real estate investor, Donald Trump made much of Obama’s lack of a real birth certificate caused the White House to release what was called the “long form” birth certificate. This document has also been determined by experts to be a fraud.

Submitting false documents to the United States Government is a both a felony and an impeachable offense.

It was the Democratic Party/Obama Campaign that required John McCain submit his birth certificate, as he was born on a military base in the Panama Canal region, in hopes that McCain would be disqualified as a candidate. Meanwhile Barak Obama spent millions of dollars to keep his own personal records sealed.

The United States of America exists as the world’s longest surviving republic because of our respect for the rule of law and the equality of all men. We are not a nation that allows for some men to live above the law as if kings or gods – even though the Democratic Party and their members elected to Congress seem to thwart the rule of law and survive in political life as if nothing had happened.

That journalist and political insiders seem to think that the Birth Certificate Issue is of no consequence. They are wrong!

Any normal citizen who fails to fill out any government agency form correctly because of mere human error is given no quarter, rather that individual is fined and quite possibly sentenced to federal prison. Yet, this President has willfully and with malice to the Constitution and the people he is sworn to serve has snubbed and ridiculed those daring to require him to do what is required of every other citizen – even non-citizen – of this nation: to present legal documents verifying that he is who/what he says he is. And even further, to prove that he is qualified to fill the office to which he was elected to serve.

Those that mock and ridicule citizens demanding adherence to the rule of law are wrong and are themselves guilty of courting civil unrest by giving succor to a deviate of the one thing that ensures civil society – that being respect for The Rule of Law. Those that say that demanding that a proper respect for the rule of law will cause civil unrest are themselves deluded because nothing is more settling to the conscience of a people than for justice to apply to all equally and without favoritism. If the standard be unequally applied and every grade school child sniggers that the President of the United States is a liar and a fraud, it is those practicing injustice and/or mocking of true justice that are responsible for the decline of our national character.

I encourage everyone to listen to Mark’s interview with Jerome Corsi through this link. It is very substantive and deliberate.



  1. Philip Brown says:

    I have a unique suggestion of how the Tea Party can become very unified nationwide and give us political solutions that we can all rally behind.

    We elect Tea Party congressmen and expect them to come up with all the conservative solutions for resolving the country problems. I think we can learn a lesson from the Founding Fathers. They created a Congress made partly of representatives from all the states, to come up with solutions to problems affecting this nation. The idea being that a representative could present his ideas for making America a better place and he would have to convince a lot of other congressmen that his idea would make good law. Having these internal debate of ideas helped to ensure that only well-thought out ideas would become law. The Tea Party movement should think of creating a Tea Party Congress whose purpose is to invent conservative solutions that can be offered to the conservative congressmen in Washington.

    You might ask, “Why do we need a Tea Party Congress?” Notice that the politicians in Washington are not presenting a lot of good solutions on where this nation should be heading. For examples, the republicans claim that they want to repeal and replace Obamacare, but none of the republicans have created a replacement bill yet. Not even the Tea Party politicians. The Tea Party Congress could create a replacement bill for Obamacare and offer it to conservative politicians in Washington. Any bills that pass the Tea Party Congress with at least 80 percent of the vote will become “law,” meaning that the idea is officially endorsed by the Tea Party. Of course, it is up to the conservative congressmen in Washington to decide if they want to submit any of our “laws” before the U.S. Congress. But these laws will give Tea Party supporters something substantially to rally behind.

    The Tea Party Congress could be set up like the House of Representatives. Tea Party leaders from around the nation can nominate individuals from every state. The number of Tea Party Congress representatives from each state is based on the number of congressional districts in that state. For example, Arizona has 9 congressional districts, so Arizona will get 9, 18, 27… Tea Party representatives. Each Tea Party Congressional candidate would have to be vetted by the Tea Party Elections Committee to verify that: 1) they truly believe in the Tea Party principles and are not liberal moles in disguise, and 2) they have a deep and solid understanding of our country’s history and laws.

    The Internet will be used as a central meeting place. Each member can interact during their free time. They can use chatrooms and discussion boards to convey ideas, and a central website for the list of all the currently active “bills” that have been submitted to be voted on. Any Tea Party representative can introduce bills to be voted on. There should not be a “Speaker of the House” who can bog down legislation that he does not personally like. Other representatives can attach amendments to the bill to be voted on. Anyone in the world can suggest ideas for new bills or improvements for current bills by uploading the suggestion to the Tea Party Congress public discussion boards – which is a board to allow everyone in the world to suggest their solutions to political issues.

    Let’s be honest. When the Republican Party has control of both the Congress and the White House, they do not present a lot of good conservative legislation. But when the democrats are in power, they waste no time in trying to fulfill their agendas. I believe that even if the Tea Party congressmen were to gain control of the U.S. Congress and President Office, its members would be paralyzed because they would not have a lot of streamlined ideas and direction on how to proceed. Although the Tea Party Congress cannot directly affect current U.S. laws, they can provide a blueprint for conservative congressmen to follow. It also gives moderate voters a better idea of how the United State would look if they were to elect more Tea Party candidates.

    Although the Tea Party Movement is based upon three main conservative foundations (fiscal responsibility, limited government, free enterprise), there are some political issues the Tea Party Congress can make laws on based upon those values:

    Individual Right vs Collective Security, Outsourcing, Foreign Aid, Education Funding, Gay Marriage, Hate Crime Legislation, Free Trade, Social Security, Abortion, Stem Cell Research, Funding Cultural Institutions, Universal Healthcare, Censorship, Progressive vs. Flat Taxation, Minimum Wage, Drugs, Cigarettes, Patriot Act, Corporation Regulations, Basic Income, Right to Housing, Right to Food, Death Penalty, Immigration, Right-to-work, Prostitution, Flag Burning, Affirmative Action, Protectionism, Euthanasia, Environmental Regulations, Prayer in Public School, Universal Background Checks, Assault Weapons, School Vouchers, Military Spending, Political Spending Limits, Alternative Energy, Space Exploration, Taxes.

    The Tea Party should come up with very good conservative ideas on how government should or should not be run. Ideas that we can all rally behind. The Tea Party Congress does not have any political power. The only thing that they can do is suggest innovative ideas to politicians.

    Everyone has their own way that they think government should work. The same could be said of the United States Congress being paralyzed with gridlock because they cannot agree on what is good for the country. I am hoping that a Tea Party Congress could come up with some well-thought-out political solutions to offer the U.S. Congress. Once we are on the same page about what should be done on various political issues, maybe the Tea Party might start moving together as a single force.

    It may be easier for the average informed Tea Party member to come up with good solutions rather than U.S. Congressmen who are being bombarded by lobbyists and worried about winning the next election. Volunteer Tea Party Congress members will not be under this pressure when making decisions

    If we have problems getting the national Tea Party to move in the same direction, then the same thing will happen if the Tea Party politicians ever take control over the majority of the U.S. Congress. We will always be fractured unless we start agreeing on how the government should function. To me, the Tea Party Congress is the best way of coming to a consensus in decision-making.

    This is the way I would envision the Tea Party Congress coming into being. There are four steps:

    1) The “Tea Party Elections Committee” would have to be formed. Preferably a few dozens individuals in the Tea Party movement that are greatly respected. They will have the power to decide which Tea Party Congress candidates should be elected.

    2) The Tea Party Elections Committee will contact the leaders of all the active Tea Party groups and ask them if they want to participate in the Tea Party Congress Project. If the leaders want to participate, they should submit the contact information of candidates who have a reasonable understanding of law, politics, and history. They also need to have the time and desire to be a Tea Party representatives.

    3) The candidates will submit letters, resumes, or references to help the Tea Party Elections Committee determine their qualifications.

    4) The Tea Party Elections Committee will choose representatives from every state.

    NOTE: If there is a lot of people willing to participate, we might even have two or three representatives per state. The United States has 435 congressional districts, so if a lot of qualified people are willing to become Tea Party Congress representatives, we can have a total of 435, 870, 1305, or more.

    I believe one of the greatest strategies ever invented for winning elections was the 1994 “Contract with America.” It was a list of 10 bills that the House of Representatives promised to vote on in their first 100 days of office if they were in the majority. Speaker Newt Gingrich gave people SPECIFIC and SOLID reasons for wanting to vote for the republican party.

    Yes, I know that both the democrats and republicans have “platforms” that VAGUELY describes what their party is for and against. Most independent voters are neither for or against the Tea Party because they do not see how we differ from establishment republicans. Since our platform only consist of three vague ideas, they have even less reason to rally behind us. This is one reason why we are currently being slaughtered in the primary elections. Independence voters see very little reason to support us. Lets give them VERY SPECIFIC reasons to want to support us.

    Here are some of the positive advantages we would have in creating a Tea Party Congress.

    When the Tea Party was trying to prevent ObamaCare from being passed into a law, it made a lot of sense for the Party to be as vague about other political positions as possible. The Tea Party became a central rallying point for everyone who was against socialized medicine. This includes independents and liberals who wanted to rally behind the Tea Party on this issue. Taking a position on other political issues would only be a distraction to stopping ObamaCare.

    Even though the fight to repeal and replace ObamaCare is still ongoing, if we ever want to see the Three Core Values of the Tea Party gain more ground, we will have to take more specific positions on other political issues. We have to actually decide what our solutions to political problems will be. Tea Party members spend millions of dollars trying to get our candidates elected, so the rewards have to be more than simply destroying ObamaCare.

    If you were to ask the average American, “What is the difference between the Federalist Party and the Whig Party?”, would they know? How about the difference between Sunni Muslims and Shiite Muslims? In this same way, I doubt that most REPUBLICAN VOTERS could tell you the difference between establishment republican politicians and Tea Party politicians. The Tea Party “brand” does not help or hurt most political candidates in most cases. It is totally neutral.

    If the Tea Party “brand” does not really help our candidates in the primaries, the election will most likely be won by the candidates who can generate the most money for advertising. Since establishment republicans are more likely to vote the way special interest groups want them to vote, Tea Party candidates usually do not have as much in their war-chest to increase their name recognition and advertise their message.

    Voters are more likely to vote for “candidates” or “groups” that they are familiar with and are comfortable with. That is why democrat and republicans win over the less familiar independent groups. If the Tea Party can could come up with a lot of extremely good solutions to America’s problems and explain the solutions in a very positive way, voters will feel more comfortable voting for our candidates. Any Tea Party candidates running for office could say, “The Tea Party movement and I have some really great ideas on how to improve your lives, and the lives of all Americans. For example, one law that we are trying to pass will…”

    We can “brand” the Tea Party movement as the political group with LOTS of positive solutions. Both the democrats and republican have general “platforms” to give voters a rough idea about which way their congressmen would vote on different issues. If the Tea Party Congress can come up with a number of specific positive bills on practically every political issue, we may be able to get more people who appreciate our ideas to vote exclusively for the Tea Party candidates as a group; not just individual candidates.

    The majority of Americans feel like government is making their lives worse – not better. Congress only has a 12% approval rating. Most people believe that both political parties have failed them, but they do not see any better options. I believe that the Tea Party movement would receive a lot more support from disenfranchised voters if we could explain exactly what our plans are and how those plans will improve their lives. In other words, they can go to our website and read the “bills” for themselves. Our candidates will not have to give the vague, “Vote for me and I will give you Hope and Change.” Instead, it will be, “Vote for Tea Party candidates like me and we will fight to pass these specific laws that will make your lives better.”

    Even though everyone can agree on what the political problems are, we disagree on what the solutions should be. Even if Tea Party politicians could take control over half of the House and Senate, and win the White House, I believe that the biggest problem stopping the Tea Party politicians from passing meaningful legislation would be disagreements on what the solutions should be for our political problems. Even the Founding Fathers had disagreements what the solutions should be and how to implement them.

    If we have a Tea Party Congress that can hash out solutions as a “deliberating body” to the point that 80% of its members agree with the solutions, then our Tea Party politicians in Washington will not have to argue over the best way to handle the same political issues. It may be easier for the average informed Tea Party member to come up with good solutions rather than U.S. Congressmen who are being bombarded by lobbyists and worried about winning the next election. Volunteer Tea Party Congress members will not be under this pressure when making their decisions

    Everyone in the world will have the chance to present their ideas and solutions about political problems to the Tea Party Congress on an open discussion board forum. This option may appeal to anyone who feel that their voice was never really heard by their congressional representative in the townhall meetings or that he/she never really read any of the mail they sent – but just replied with standard formed letters. Even liberal and independent voters might want to participate if they know that their ideas are being considered and they get actual replies from our Tea Party Congress members themselves (not low-level secretaries). Just having this type of open forum and interaction could increase the Tea Party’s popularity with voters who feel they are shut out of the political process.

    The details of how the Tea Party Congress can get input from large numbers of people while not being overwhelmed with information is difficult to explain in writing, but basically, there are committees for ever major political issue. Each committee will have a limited number of members. Each committee will have two discussion boards. The first discussion board only allows committee members to exchange ideas. The second discussion board allows everyone in the world to submit ideas. It will be part of the committee members’ responsibility to read, evaluate, and respond to every single message submitted to the discussion board from the outside world. This can also give Tea Party members the opportunity to win over republicans and independent voters who can understand what the Tea Party is trying to accomplish.

    The Tea Party movement supports free markets policies, but the current government is strangling businesses with unnecessary regulations. If the Tea Party Congress was to create a whole series of “laws” designed to give businesses the proper amount of regulations and allowed them to become more productive, then they are more likely to want to financially support our candidates in their elections.

    Even though everyone can agree on what the political problems are, even Tea Party members disagree on what the solutions should be. We will remain fractured unless we can start agreeing on how the government should or should not function. To me, the Tea Party Congress is the best way of coming to a consensus in decision-making.

    It may be possible that some United States congressmen will use the Tea Party Congress to help them write “bills” that they would like to pass. When the U.S. Congress creates bills, only a hand full of lawyers will be involved with writing it. Because of this, many laws have “unintended consequences” and “loopholes.” With the Tea Party Congress, not only will the 435 members of congress be involved with its creation, but everyone in the world will be allowed to submit potential issues with the legislation through the discussion boards.

    I believe one of the greatest strategies ever invented for winning elections was the 1994 “Contract with America.” It was a list of 10 bills that the House of Representatives promised to vote on in their first 100 days of office if they were in the majority. Speaker Newt Gingrich gave people SPECIFIC and SOLID reasons for wanting to vote for the republican party. (

    I suggest that we maintain a list of 10 Tea Party “laws” that every Tea Party candidate can point to as our top legislative priorities. If the average voter likes even half of our 10 Tea Party “laws,” they might consider voting solidly for Tea Party candidates just to see those laws enacted. A general rule of thumb would be to present 6 laws that improve the lives of citizens, 3 laws that help businesses to prosper and 1 law that improve government.


    How could the Tea Party Congress be Created?
    The “Election Committee” would have to be created first so they can elect the actual Tea Party Congress members. The Election Committee members would have to be people from around the country who can demonstrate that they support the Tea Party principles. The Election Committee and local Tea Party leaders from all over the country would be asked to submit the contact information of anyone they think would make a good Tea Party Congress member. I would rather leave this as a grassroots project.

    If the “laws” that the Tea Party Congress write do not have any real political power, why bother to write the “laws”?
    Tea Party congressmen in Washington will unify more solidly around political solutions if they know that the Tea Party members have already vetted. It is important for the Tea Party movement to create laws that their supporters can all rally behind rather than wait until we get into power and then start arguing over the best solutions. Lets prepare ahead of time. It is also possible that some of our “laws” will appeal to some democrats and establishment republicans, and we can join forces with them on some of our specific solutions.

    Why would anyone want to be a member of the Tea Party Congress?
    Some people attend townhall meetings or write their congressmen in the hope that they can influence them into accepting their political solutions. The Tea Party Congress is just another tool that people can use to help influence their congressmen. Tea Party supporters would want to become members of the Tea Party Congress in the hopes that the “laws” that they help write will eventually be adopted by the U.S. Congress.

    How and when would the Tea Party Congress members meet together?
    They will mostly connect through discussion boards, although they can also use chatrooms. The discussion boards will allow them to share their ideas and solutions with each other. Voting on any “bill” can be done using online voting websites. If one Tea Party Congress member wants a vote on his “bill,” all he has to do is upload his bill to the online voting website and the other members can vote, “Yes,” “No,” “Present,” or “This bill is on the right track, but I think it still needs work.” They should also be able to leave comments about why they voted the way that they did. The voting process might last 30 days and the members should be able to change their votes during this time. One reason why members might want to change their vote is that they might take one position on an issue, but change their minds after reading opposing viewpoints left by other members.

    What is the “Philosophy of the Law”?
    Every major political committee will have a detailed Mission Statement describing what the goals of that committee and the reasons behind the goals. Every “law” that is passed by the Tea Party Congress will have a statement (philosophy) describing the goals of the law and the reasons it was chosen over other solutions.

    Philip Brown

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