Celebrating July 4th!

I hope everyone is planning to have a wonderful time celebrating our nation’s birthday this weekend and then fly the flag with pride on July 4th.

Thanks to Harvard, we now know that July 4th is a Conservative Republican Holiday and that Democrats receive no political boost by participating in Independence Day events. So, let’s really put our hearts into loving our nation as created this July 4th!

Let us celebrate the blessing that gave reason to our Founding Fathers to establish a nation that acknowledged our rights are given by God, not by the government they were establishing. Our Founders understood that each individual, in providing for his own well-being and that of his family, supplied the goods, services and employment needed by others.

God Supplying the Spark of Creation to Adam

Our Founding Fathers understood and appreciated that man acting as created in the image of his Creator was an inventor, an entrepreneur, and a dynamo of unlimited possibilities. This is the economic principle of Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations.

This is the true intent of our nation and it has fallen to us to defend this intent. All that is required is simply to celebrate and defend it. We must share this with our children, grandchildren and neighbors. We must live this in our public lives and through our work.

So, make a pledge to this nation as created this July 4th to celebrate the miracle that made it possible. Pledge allegiance and devotion to the sound principles under which this nation was founded. Vow never to let skepticism or doubt eat away at your faith in these First Principles that declared all Men endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” From our study of the Federalist Papers we know that our Constitution created a government to protect these revealed principles—not to undermine, deny, or despise them.

A citizenry pledged to these First Principles will require more from themselves and more from their elected leaders. Against such a national character no agent or provocateur of change can stand. All that is required of us, is simply that we stand firm with faith that never waivers from the absolute truth of a man created in the image of God.


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