Going For The Green

Legislators love to fund groups back home with the taxpayer’s money. Funding these groups is supposedly the key to re-election. This video only scratches the surface of what happens after a legislator funds a “Green Advocacy Group” group back home in his home state or district.


Rep. Cynthia Lummis (R- Wyoming) has introduced The Government Litigation Savings Act (HR- 1996) to end these payments to Green Advocacy Groups. (GAG) She needs more co-sponsors for this bill.

Henry Lamb, columnist for World Net Daily, writes about the posted video and the amount of taxpayer money going to pay for Green Advocacy Groups:

Here is a summary of legal fees paid to GAGs from your tax dollars (source):

2003 – 10,595 individual payments totaling $1,081,328,420.002004 – 8,161 individual payments totaling $800,450,029.00

2005 – 7,794 individual payments totaling $1,074,131,007.00

2006 – 8,736 individual payments totaling $697,968,132.00

2007 – (first six months only) 6,595 individual payments totaling $1,062,387,142.00

Grand total: 41,881 individual payments totaling $4,716,264,730.00

This outrageous total reflects only the legal fees paid to a handful of GAGs, many of which also receive grants from federal agencies now managed by people who once were executives of GAGs. What a racket. This short video barely scratches the surface of the massive “legal” thievery perpetrated by GAGs every day.


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