The Truth About the KKK

Democrats founded the KKK, fought the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments, instituted Jim Crow laws, fought the 1965 Civil Rights Act and continue to keep racism alive and blacks on their liberal plantation.

Democrats: wrong then, wrong now

One of the most egregious rewritings of history is the association of racism and slavery with the Republican Party through the vicious use of  demagogy stating that the term State’s Rights equals Slavery.  The half century domination of the Democratic Party in Congress as well as the liberal/socialist bent of the news media has led to the worst enslavement of Blacks by the Democratic Party and Progressive/Liberals. Note that black Republicans are referred to as “sell-outs”, Uncle Tom’s, or the most egregious form of racism “acting white”. Brilliant men and women like Star Parker, Thomas Sowell, Walter E. Williams, Clarence Thomas, Condi Rice are denigrated for their success with the word – “token” rather than exemplary models of success and citizenship to which all children should aspire.

You’ve ruined an American citizen for life.

As a former middle school remedial reading teacher, I grieved at what Deroy Murdock of National Review Online refers to in this video:

Where you walk around on a racial plantation – where everybody is a liberal – everybody believes in the Democratic Party. In that respect, we aren’t really men and women, but sort of like cattle. So then [young people] think, “Well, do I want to let my race down by acting “white” or do I want to betray my people by acting “white”. So, [young people] think, “No, I guess I’ll act “black” and come to school unprepared, not participate, not speak in proper English, and talk jive.” And what happens? You see a young child’s mind close down. Their test scores go down. And what have [Liberal/Democratic Party] people done? You’ve ruined an American citizen for life.

Such behavior is unconscionable. That it is done for personal gain and political power is obscene.



Hat Tip: Ramparts360. From the documentary Emancipation Revelation Revolution.

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