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Atlas Shrugged t-shirt

T-shirt seen at the opening night of Atlas Shrugged here in College Station

If you have seen the newly released film Atlas Shrugged, or read the novel by Ayn Rand, you will appreciate this video from LearnLiberty.Org featuring Jennifer Burns, Professor, University of Virginia.

Rand appreciates Liberty first and her characters are either innovative creators, or those that through incompetence or laziness stand by watching others create and then use the power of government to stop the new ideas, inventions, or to enforce equality that enables their incompetence and laziness to be rewarded with the success of the creative individuals. Today, we as Classical Liberals/Conservatives refer to this practice as Crony Capitalism. Rand named this practice the Darwinian name of Dog Eat Dog.

Consider this information from LearnLiberty.Org:

Our goal is to provide a starting point for conversations on important questions:

• What is the nature of man and society?
• What are the best ways to organize human society?
• What is the proper role for government?

We believe that the classical liberal or libertarian tradition can offer compelling answers to these questions. Classical liberal ideas have deep intellectual roots, cultivated by thinkers such as John Locke, Adam Smith, the American Founders, and more recent scholars such as Friedrich Hayek and Milton Friedman. These thinkers emphasize the importance of free markets, voluntary exchange, individual rights, and peace.

Classical liberal thinkers do not agree on everything, and the speakers on LearnLiberty are no exception. We believe exploring and discussing these ideas is so important precisely because we do not all agree. We hope you will join our conversation, and help advance the understanding of these important ideas.

Note that unlike Progressive Liberalism, Classical Liberal/Conservative is based upon the premier thinkers of the Age of Enlightenment – those that based their ideas upon the truth of human nature (Natural Law) and the Rule of Law which not only balanced, but was needed to resist the factions feeding upon human passions in order to subvert the liberty of other members of the community, or society. Class Warfare is the finest example of faction at work today in its effort to destroy the fundamental foundation of original America. ObamaCare employs the worst of human nature – greed, selfishness, and coveting – to resurrect the Democratic Party’s affinity with slavery, by removing free market, voluntary exchange, and individuals rights from those professionals working in the Health Care Industry.

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