The United Bureaucracy of America

One of the greatest threats to American life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness is the consequence of big government—bureaucracy. Red tape, another name for bureaucracy comes from the red ribbon used to tie legal documents that became popularized in 1736, but bureaucracy existed long before then. The Byzantines of ancient Constantinople are credited with producing the most anti-progress labyrinth of rules and regulations that ever stymied the spirit of man. In this one word, byzantine, this ancient culture survives by supplying the world with the one word that suitably sums up the ability of man to call scheming, plotting, and every nefarious negation of the spirit of work and industry while still receiving a paycheck by defining the ability of the human mind to conceive of, and then put into practice rules, complications, and mechanisms relating to, or characterized by a devious and usually surreptitious manner of operation.

The Method of Byzantine Bureaucrats

Tyranny as a job requirement?

His salary paid by the taxpayer, the bureaucrat is the face of tyranny and opposition rather than service. Unable or unwilling to act in the likeness of God to become a creator, the bureaucrat uses his animal nature to halt the creation of others. The bureaucrat enjoys toying with his prey by endless forms, seals, and photocopies before finally killing the dreams of the creator through some or another technique. It eventually declares the creator seeking bureaucratic approval a rule-breaking criminal worthy of a federal prison sentence. This imputed crime will have nothing to do with the actual product our creator dreamed of producing.

Produce or out

If we are to leave the next generation with a better America, the bureaucrat must be forced to either become a productive member of society or become unemployed without benefits. This is not just an American problem. The entire world has forgotten everything we ever knew about human nature and how that nature despises anything and anyone that by their existence proves the concept of good, better, or best.


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