10 Myths About the Ryan Budget

The Heritage Foundation Research Department has consolidated 10 Myths About the Ryan Budget.

Runaway spending and deficits continue to grow unabated in part because any attempts to rein them in are relentlessly demagogued by defenders of big government. The latest example is the budget recently authored by House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan (R–WI) and passed by the House of Representatives.

Most critics have failed to provide any credible alternative to the House budget. Yet that has not stopped them from relentlessly misrepresenting the House budget with the following myths.

Here is the short list of myths and correct facts.

Myth #1: The House budget recklessly cuts taxes by $4 trillion.

Fact: It cancels a future tax increase.

Myth #2: The House budget increases the deficit by giving tax cuts to the rich.

Fact: The proposed change is a revenue-neutral tax reform plan that simplifies the tax code.

Myth #3: The House budget represents only minor deficit reduction.

Fact: It substantially reduces both short- and long-term budget deficits.

Myth #4: The House budget exaggerates the long-term spending challenge.

Fact: The challenge is real and potentially calamitous.

Myth #5: The House budget balances the budget on the backs of seniors.

Fact: Current and near-retirees are exempt from reforms.

Myth #6: The House budget would privatize Medicare and hand seniors vouchers.

Fact: Seniors would receive government support to purchase health insurance coverage on a tightly regulated government exchange system.

Myth #7: Medicare is more efficient than private health insurance.

Fact: Medicare’s administrative burdens are hidden and they outweigh private-sector costs.

Myth #8: The House budget plan would end Medicare as we know it.

Fact: Obamacare ended Medicare as we know it.

Myth #9: The House budget plan would shift Medicaid costs to the states and hurt the poor.

Fact: Medicaid block grants would help states lower Medicaid costs and provide them with the flexibility to better serve the poor.

Myth #10: Most Medicare costs would continue to rise, and retirees would bear those costs with insufficient assistance.

Fact: Intense market competition would reduce costs and enable Medicare patients to secure value for their dollars.

The House budget finally puts the brakes on soaring government spending. It is just what the nation needs in order to avert a debt-induced economic calamity. Its critics would do well to read the plan and understand it—and put forward their alternative—before dismissing it.



    WHY IS OBAMAS MEDICAL PLAN WORSE? Just saying so is not proof!

    • That is a terrific question and I thank you for asking.

      From a Founding Principles Foundation, Obama’s Medical Plan is antithetical to the very philosophy of The United States of America. In understanding The United States of America, we must consider all three of our Founding Documents: The Declaration of Independence (philosophy), The Federalist Papers (the civic principles), and The Constitution (the method).

      The American philosophy is one that recognizes man as created by a Creator, endowed with certain unalienable rights of which are listed, life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

      Therefore those that deprive another of life are held responsible. Liberty is free choice without coercion. Pursuit of happiness is man’s ability to act in the image of his Creator to be productive, creative, entrepreneurial, as well as an connoisseur of diversity beyond our understanding.

      Obama’s Medical Plan is antithetical to the principle foundation of this nation because it denies all three fundamental Creator endowed rights. ObamaCare denies Life, Liberty, and pursuit of happiness by:

      a) setting parameters for life resulting in death for those not “beneficial for society”.

      b) denying Liberty – of both every person involved in the Health Care Industry by treating created beings as evolved human machines – without will, or spirit – in need of a central planner to inform them what, when, how, and where they are to provide their service to the community/state, as well as denying the public the same choice of liberty to choose their path for health and wellness. The public becoming the equivalent to mindless animals herded through stalls for “modification” or elimination.

      c) denial of pursuit of happiness means that creativity, productivity, and other image of our Creator abilities are not recognized in favor of the squelching atmosphere of the human nature of others.

      In the Federalist Papers, human nature is acknowledged as being the greatest threat to our Liberty. The reality of human nature means that within everyone of us is a selfish, condescending, greedy, covetous, evil child that is in rebellion against Truth, as well as our own Creator. It is only by each of us rising above our natural man that civil society is even possible.

      Obama’s Medical Plan is the legislating or normalizing of our natural man. History has shown that the normalization of our natural man leads straight to tyranny, oppression, terror, as well as the prison camps and ovens for those perceived as different or unique.

      Madison refers to factions – those that gather together in groups solely in an effort to deprive other members of the same community of their civil rights. Factions are the worst of human nature and they gain power through the same method of Satan in the Garden of Eden – they insinuate that someone is depriving you of something you deserve. These are men that care nothing for others, without mercy, without compassion, without conscience but yet our own human nature becomes our own greatest threat to our personal Liberty because our inner child wants to believe our situation in life is because of someone else’s greed rather than our own responsibility.

      I hope this is helpful in understanding the principles of why Obama’s Medical Plan is not just worse, but antithetical to the very foundation of Liberty. If put into action, our Constitution will be nullified.

      Again, I commend you on your great question and invite you to read some of the notes on the Federalist Papers provided on this website under the tab – First Principles. The study of the Principle of Liberty is a worthy endeavor. Once you meet Her, like Wisdom you will pursue Her with all your heart and soul — considering gold and silver worthless before these great women that were with our Creator at the beginning of space, time, and matter.

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