TX Legislative Update – Emergency Alert


Representative Wayne Christian speaks with former Representative Joe Nixon and redistricting expert and election lawyer Trey Trainor about the new Texas House map that protects our conservative House members and elects more Republicans in general, known as the “Nixon Map.”

Please note that after filming the video below an updated Nixon map was released publicly and the map is now called “Plan H166.”  This is just an update version of the original map.

To view the map go to http://gis1.tlc.state.tx.us.

Click on “select plans,” and select “base plan.”


Please call your State Representative and ask them to not vote for the house map passed out of the redistricting committee and to vote for the new map as an amendment on the House floor on Wedensday.  Reference the Nixon “Plan H166.”  As of today the vote will be on Wedensday April 27th, this is an updated date from the previous email.  Plan H166 will be introduced as an amendment to HB 150, the map passed by the committee.

Time is of the essence here, the House will adjourn this afternoon and all of the Representatives will return home to their districts for Easter weekend.



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