Purchasing political power and showing charitable magnanimity with other people’s money is obscene

1000 dollar bill

Here's how far over the Texas House budget the Senate is so far: 12 *million* of these 1000-dollar bills.

The condescension and arrogance of elected officials (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Either our calls are having their intended effect or Senator Ogden purposely overshot so he could scale back. At least now neither the House nor Senate is proposing tapping Texas’ raining day fund, something liberals were howling for. The latest, from Ramparts 360:

The Texas House has rejected the Senate’s substitute budget.  The Senate budget cuts about $11 billion, while the House cuts $23 billion.

So the $12B difference between the two chambers remains but at least the House is standing firm for the greater cut. Keep calling!

(the original article from 4-28)

The release of the Texas Senate version of the budget that spends $12 BILLION more than the Texas House budget -HB-1 and then raids the Rainy Day Fund of another $6 BILLION so they can spend some more should be viewed as the epitome of condescension and arrogance of elected officials in their disdain for the people they were elected to represent and serve. Senator Ogden (512-463-0105) has often spoke on WTAW about his concern for our national debt and the future for his grandchildren, yet he chaired the committee that produced this disingenuous mess.

Some might say that in times like this such behavior should be reviled. But behavior like this should be reviled at all times. These elected representatives are negotiating their personal power with OUR money! There is no sense of civic virtue, honor, or integrity in those that produced this Texas Senate budget because purchasing your political power and showing your charitable magnanimity with other people’s money is obscene.

Yesterday, we started calling Senator Ogden’s office (512-463-0105).

Below are a few comments from our members regarding their experience:

  • I just called Senator Ogden’s office and voiced my strong opposition to this. Anyone else I can call?  – JB
  • This is a *fabulous* letter! I will call on my way to lunch. – MC
  • I called and talked to Betty today for a long time,  wish you could have heard me…….   Thanks for reminding me…. – JK
  • I just called and gave them hell. She said Well, the Schools need more money…..and I said Like Hell they do…have you ever been to the public schools and seen all the money going into the illegal alien programs…and the outrageous salaries…. the unions were there on the union money (our tax money) and taking off from jobs and everything was paid for right down to hotels, food and fancy bus fares.  ….they were protesting for more money…but, they don’t need it….I was furious…. she finally, said Sure…okay…  Damn….does money rule everything? Common sense went out the window. -ST

(512) 463-0105. Keep calling!

I encourage everyone that is concerned about out of control government spending to continue calling Senator Ogden’s office: (512) 463-0105.


  1. Hi, same old song and dance! Sarah Hicks, Patty Guerra, Stephanie Leavell but no Mr. Ogden? Hmmmm!?!?

  2. Ron Darby says:

    The Democrats’ answer to every problem is “more money”. It is not a coincidence that the performance of the students in our school system has declined while the amount of money spent per student has increased. You can’t buy “attitude” with money!!

  3. The best thing about that image of a thousand dollar bill is this: “This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private, and is redeemable in LAWFUL MONEY at the United States Treasury, or at any federal reserve bank.” People used to realize that greenbacks are promissory notes of debt printed by the Federal Reserve and signed by the US Treasury.

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