Understanding the National Deficit



  1. Jag N. Holt says:

    Here is a great way to visualize the federal budget. Try zooming in on this image: http://wallstats.com/deathandtaxes/

    • Wow, that is an amazing and overwhelming image. I think it will take a while to take it all in…

      • Jag N. Holt says:

        Yeah, it’s got lots of numbers! I know that the debt and the budget deficit are all different things, but related to this post I wanted to mention that “Visualizing the National Debt” was actually the March 2011 campus activism suggestion by Young Americans for Liberty. Here is a link to that project: http://www.yaliberty.org/nationaldebt Lots of good information and pics. Enjoy!

        • Nancy Coppock says:

          Thanks for the website. Boy we sped past that $12 Trillion Debt and are now hurtling toward $14.5 Trillion!

          Those silly Democratic Party members would rather kill babies than pay the military in order to keep spending, spending, spending, spending…. [sarc button “ON”]

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