Refresher Course on American Gov’t

In the comments for the last post – On Moderates & Moderation – a discussion concerning the graphic accompanying the article that linked the Left with history’s list of tyrannical, mass murdering, despots occurred. I commented that both elected and recognized¬† leaders of the self-identified Left freely admitted to have admiration for members of history’s list of tyrannical, mass murdering despots, so why the problem with the graphic.

This exchange is illustrative of the philosophical disconnect when discussing American Liberty with a self-identified member of the Left.¬† While the commenter is a good man himself, the inability to see how close his own leaders bear resemblance to the members of history’s list of tyrannical, mass murdering despots that they freely admit they admire is puzzling.

An objective comparison could be made that Sarah Palin’s truthful warning that ObamaCare contains death panels as being perceived by good people self-identifying as members of the Left as a vicious lie with the same fervor that Germans insisted they didn’t know what was happening to their Jewish neighbor.

Procrastination in making a conclusion doesn’t hinder the effects of reality. Good people that self-identify with the Left who are unable to process the voluminous information that links in one degree of separation their own leadership to history’s list of tyrannical, mass murdering despots are akin to perpetual students who are constantly learning but never attain the wisdom required to live and work outside the protected realm of academia. The power of wisdom can only be unleashed when a correct conclusion is drawn from all the learned facts and information and then acted upon.

As members of the Bryan/College Station Tea Party, we must be prepared at all times to defend the truth regarding the purpose of the American form of government. So, as another commenter on the previous post reminded me, here is a refresher course of the purpose of our American Government. Enjoy and share!




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