Researching Local Public School Debt

Cindy Mallette of Americans for Prosperity – Texas in her presentation to the B/CS Tea Party on researching local debt, also gave instructions on researching local school district debt.

The Texas Bond Review Board is the primary source for researching state, county, local municipal, and local ISD debt.

To find out about bonds active in our local school ISDs on the Texas Bond Review Board site, click on Local Government Info which brings you to the page for Local Government Services.

Then click on Searchable ISD Bond Election Database which will show this form:

For ISD search – type either ‘Bryan’ or ‘College Station’  and then change the ‘Election Date’ to read “Before or on”.  You can also click on the calendar icon to change dates or leave it on the current date. Change ‘Return records at a time’ to read ‘Return ALL records at a time and then click “Search with Criteria” button.

Below is what the current information shows for Bryan ISD and College Station ISD.

Bryan ISD

College Station ISD

To find out about General Obligation Bonds in our local ISD’s follow these instructions. On the Texas Bond Review Board website, click the link for ‘Local Government Info” and then select ‘ISD Debt Outstanding – Searchable Database’. On the next page select Bryan ISD or College Station ISD from the list of all Texas school districts. Here is the current information for our local ISD’s. Please note that this information is current only to 8/31/10.

Bryan ISD

College Station ISD

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