Tea Parties and Local Issues, Nationally

We were contacted recently by Matt Orr, a producer at PJTV.com who produces a show called “Coast to Coast Tea Party with Steve Green.” Matt is researching tea party members moving their fights to local issues, and asked to talk with us about our group doing just that—see the list of B/CS Tea Party Local Issue articles.

The Wall Street Journal had a related story back in November: Tea Parties Turn to Local Issues. A few quotes from that article (emphases added):

Aware that education consumes a big chunk of local property taxes, group members are combing through the salaries of every county school employee from the superintendent down.

It’s also more convenient for tea-party activists—typically volunteers with separate full-time jobs–to be local gadflies than national ones. “We can’t go to every congressional hearing in D.C. but we can go to every school-board meeting in (our) County…”

Philadelphia Tea Party Patriots plan to launch the “Watchman Project,” in which members will be assigned to attend local government meetings, monitor meeting minutes and then report back to the group, Mr. Reimer said. “If there is a particular vote coming up that we support or oppose, we would all show up to influence what is going on,” he said.

PJTV reporter doing an interview at the April 2009 B/CS Tea Party in Tanglewood Park. Looks like we may get to share what we're doing again!

Those highlighted points sure sound like what we’ve been talking about at our last few meetings! So, please plan to attend our meeting Feb. 3 (rescheduled to Feb. 10) and we will continue!


  1. I love this post! I hadn’t seen the WSJ article, but I am glad to see that the focus on local government spending/debt/corruption is being taken up by tea parties :)

    Keep up the good work, Nancy!

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