Dick Armey’s Recommendation For Texas Speaker

Dick Armey is a huge supporter of the Tea Party Movement through FreedomWorks and his book, Give Us Liberty: A Tea Party Manifesto. Many of us remember Rep. Armey as the House Majority Leader in the 1994 Republican – Contract With America – Revolution.

In regards to the Texas Speaker’s race, Armey and FreedomWorks recommend Ken Paxton (R- McKinney) in an article at Texas Insider. Eric Ericson of RedState also recommends a vote for Paxton.

Rep. Paxton has a 100% rating from Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, and is the highest rated lawmaker by The Young Conservatives of Texas. Paxton is also a member of Texas Conservative Coalition, whose Pledge With Texans is supported by the Bryan/College Station Tea Party.

Be sure to let Rep. Fred Brown know what you think about having a real conservative as the next Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives.


  1. JOHN DINEEN says:

    I have called, emailed and faxed Fred Brown’s office for a month and his only reply was “I’ll decide before the vote”. After today’s standup vote, I don’t hold out much hope for tomorrow. I simply cannot fathom how this supposed conservative can support Joe Strauss. All I can say is we all must remember how important this vote is and remind our representative if he disregards the will of the people we’ll find someone who won’t.

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