The College Station Recall Petition Is About Ethics

The greatest threat to our nation is the lack of personal ethics of our elected representatives. The Tea Party Movement is taking the complaint that a politician will say anything in order to win your vote of confidence seriously. Civil Society is preserved when a man’s ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ can be trusted.

Guile is the deliberate act of using half-truths, deception, and deceit. The Tea Party Movement is spontaneously occurring because citizens are tired of guile being accepted as politics as usual. Guile keeps civil society in confusion making it easier for human nature to seek its own power and glory. Elected officials that practice guile are not fit for the moral responsibility necessary to act in their trusted position.

It is to this end that the B/CS Tea Party calls upon citizens in College Station to sign the Recall Petition.

Whether you believe in annexation or not, the larger point is the ethical clarity of elected officials and the pursuit of civil society.

Misrepresenting your position in order to be elected should not be tolerated and should be subject to immediate retribution. Civil Society demands that guile practiced in public office be punished swiftly, because a community in which such guile is allowed to flourish is not trustworthy for honest investors. A city council hostile to honest investors establishes a dangerous community for its own citizens, their families, and their employment. Preserving the fundamental requirements for a civil society must be our foremost consideration when facing ethical lapses.

If you live in College Station and have not yet signed the petition to Save Wellborn, I ask you to consider this larger philosophical aspect to this situation and consider the effects of rewarded guile within the community we have chosen to call home and raise our families. The Save Wellborn group needs about 1.000 more signatures. I know we have that many ethical patriots in our community. Please make this stand for ethics in our community.

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