Thanks everyone!

Congratulations, Representative-Elect Flores!!

For the last two years, we knew that Priority One here in Texas Congressional District 17 was removing Chet Edwards from office. So, to everyone involved in making this happen, THANK YOU!!

There will be much to do for the next two years. But for now, congratulations Bill Flores, and thank you to everyone who voted, phone banked, hung door hangers, and most of all, talked to their friends and neighbors about the importance of voting against the big-government voting record of our current representative!


  1. Unintentional fallout
    WE all may me mad (livid, in my case) and basically kind, but now that it’s Nov. 3rd: Continue to Pray for our country… but include a prayer for MR. Pelosi ‘cuz he and any household pets are going to be catching living hell for a while.

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