Demand a New Speaker in the Texas Legislature

If Texans are to experience the conservative ideas of our elected representatives, there must be new leadership in Austin for the 82nd Legislature.

Join in signing this petition to demand a conservative Speaker of the House rather than the current Speaker,  Joe Straus. Straus’ misguided sense of bi-partisanship allowed Democrats to hold committee chairs in spite of their minority status according to the will of the people as indicated by the 2008 election.

Honorable Members
Texas House of Representatives
Austin, Texas
Dear Honorable Members and Members-Elect,

The resounding victory by conservatives in Texas and around the nation on Election Day was not the result of any particular politician or group. It was the result of citizens rising up and making their voices clearly heard and it should be taken for precisely what it is: a mandate for conservative policy leadership.

The victory of nearly two dozen new conservative Republican legislators reflects the mood of Texas voters on the state’s critical issues. It was a clarion call for conservative leadership in the Texas House – leadership that has been absent the past two years. This desire for conservative leadership must be reflected from the Office of the Speaker to every committee chairmanship.

A change to a more conservative Speaker is in order. The voters who labored hard for this conservative majority expect it to diligently represent their conservative values.

Texans voted with the expectation they would see meaningful change for their businesses and families. The same conservative voters who made this near-supermajority possible will be just as engaged in the months ahead, as they have been leading up to Victory Night. These voters will be watching and actively participating.

We urge you take time to ask your constituents – the people who walked your precincts and made calls to their neighbors; the people who voted for you – what kind of person they want serving as the state’s third-ranking constitutional officer, and what kind of committee chairs they expect. It is their right to be involved and engaged in this important decision.

We look forward to working with this reinvigorated conservative majority throughout the coming legislative session!

Those who have signed and support the Texas Conservative Coalition Pledge With Texans are aware of the strong resolution of the TXCC’s legislative members to enact these 5 conservative planks in the upcoming legislative session. Make sure these brave conservatives have the leadership they need by demanding a conservative Speaker of the House in Austin.


  1. The Texas Legislature has a long history of apportioning committee chairs in a bi-partisan manner based on the overall make up of the chamber.

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