Texas Conservative Coalition – Their Pledge Needs Our Support

The values of conservatism are easy to list:     

  • Limited Government
  • Individual Liberty
  • Free Enterprise
  • Traditional Family Values

However, when it comes to an elected legislature actually working on solving problems confronting a city, state, or nation, we must add the problems of personalities, communication, unintended consequences, and the un-nice world of determining payment method. Soon, the issue is completely off-track by bias or miscommunication and complicated by inane discussion of personalities rather than a head-on solution to the problem we elected candidates to solve.

This is why policy groups like Heritage Foundation, Americans for Prosperity, Cato Institute, and here in Texas, Texas Public Policy Foundation and Texas Conservative Coalition are so important. With economists, statisticians, policy experts, teams of speakers and support communication workers each with a comprehensive knowledge of conservative values, it is the work of these policy groups to do the difficult statistical studies of the actual effect of proposed legislation, write up these findings and then educate not only the elected officials but also everyday citizens.

Facts and information should be the topic of discussion when considering proposed legislation – not the discussion of personalities and miscommunication or out right media bias that dominates politics today. This is the mission of the Bryan/College Station Tea Party – to present the findings of these policy experts about conservativism and the superiority of conservative ideas in regards to preservation of individual liberty, private property, and free enterprise.

Texas Conservative Coalition has written a pledge with Texans that will be presented en masse to the Texas 82nd Legislature. The importance and value we place upon this pledge by signing this pledge is transferred to our elected Congressmen through the number of citizens signing the document.

A Pledge With Texans

Texas Conservative Coalition’s Reform Agenda For the 82nd Legislature

— Balance The Budget Without Raising Taxes —

Balance the state budget without raising taxes. Create a stricter spending limit in the Texas Constitution to slow the growth of the state budget.

— Limit Federal Intrusion —

Reassert the limited role of the federal government and those rights guaranteed to Texas under the United States Constitution as codified in the Tenth Amendment. Reject new federal funds with strings attached as an enticement to create new programs. Pass health care freedom legislation that guaraantees the right of Texans to make their own health care choices. Support a balanced budget amendment to the the U.S. Constitution that would apply in the absence of a national emergency.

— Improve Election Integrity —

Require a secure, government-issued photo identification to be presented before voting and improve the security of mail-in ballots.

—- Cut Taxes —

Increase personal freedom and encourage the free market by lowering taxes. Reform and reduce property taxes and property tax appraisals. Cut business tax rated, lower business’ tax burden, increase competition in all areas of the economy, and encourage private sector job growth.

— Secure The Texas Border —

Lawfully protect Texas and Texans from the fiscal and social costs of illegal immigration

The Bryan/College Station Tea Party has copies of this pledge and wants your signature and support. Or you can sign this pledge on-line here – http://txcc.org/citizens-petition


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