Wall Street Journal: Tea Party Jolts Republican Party Just Like Reagan

Across the nation, the Tea Party is flexing its political muscle in its ability to unify a grassroots movement on the merits of limited government, low taxes, and responsible fiscal obligations. You are those very people and I love hearing first hand accounts from B/CS Tea Party members who have been able to attend the massive rallies in Washington, D.C. or events here in our area.

The Wall Street Journal has a great article about what the Tea Party Movement is accomplishing.

The tea-party movement, which is activating a new cadre of angry citizen-activists, could well be doing something similar to the Republican Party right now. This time, the outcome figures to be a party that isn’t just more conservative, but also more populist. Again, the question of what happens to party moderates is a big one.

Ronald Reagan: "The problem with our liberal friends isn't that they're ignorant. It's just that they know so much that isn't so."

The article is correct in its analysis that we are inspired by the leadership and values of Ronald Reagan, although incorrect in confusing immigration with illegal immigration. The conservative Tea Party movement has been promised much, but delivered little since the heady days of Reagan and we will not be silent any longer. Much to the dismay of Republican Party leadership, they are now alarmed that their party has been taken over by actual republicans. The effrontery! Common people speaking common sense to their ruling class elites, “Why it’s complete republicanism!” Youbetcha!

We are answering back to the Ruling Class Party Elites that when it came to The Contract With America, they may have been playing at leadership courtship. But we took them at their word—and the nation is pregnant with a renewed vigor in individual liberty, self-determination, and love of our Founding Documents. This bottom-up republicanism is ready to shed itself of the Democrat Party as surely as the nation’s first republican revolution led by Thomas Jefferson brought down the Federalist Party of the 1790’s. Even a “R” by your name isn’t good enough, because votes in Congress matter, when it’s our children’s future that these elites are toying with.

Other times, changes occur from the bottom up. That’s may be happening to Republicans now. Tea-party activists—many of them already Republicans by inclination, but newly energized and organized this year—are purging the ranks of what they derisively call RINOS—Republicans in Name Only.

Be proud of what you are accomplishing. It is an exciting age in which to be alive. Be aware of what we are protecting and demanding. Freedom is not free.

Read the rest of the article here.

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